Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The difference between digital and film

I love the convenience of my Leica digital camera but I agree with a piece of graffiti I saw on a 7 to 11 store in the northwest in 1980 when i lived on the road for a year with my then wife, Lynka Adams. "Convenience kills". I have a borrowed Hasselbad camera and I shot Katy with the Leica and the Hassie in the same lite. Film has SO much more lattitude. It is richer.

Rebecca, my red-headed angel at Centric Photo on Pima cleared away the flair from my messy lens.
(LEICA D-Lux 3) dropped 2 many times

Katy shot with medium format film. 

I read yesterday about my old friend super model (from the '70's and '80's) Juli Foster, that none of the gret fashion photographers good get Juli to smile. Its not impossible with Kasty but its infrequent which is why I like this `private' photo

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