Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You Break It...You Own It

After I totaled my truck in Benson , Az, I got a rental through Geico and drove into Lordsburg, NM expecting to find nothing. Instead I found an antique store

in an otherwise ghost town and went in and met Scott Given. He seemed shy and not particularly forth giving. But he had treasures wrapped in plastic bags like the first issue of Adam magazine…a softcore news mag I have coveted and collected for years and eventually worked for. I asked about Vogue mags from the 40’s and he said he had them.
I made sure to stop back on my way home. But he had pulled out no Vogues. Very little of what he had hinted he had. He back of his interesting but chaotic office was a hall littered with interesting looking junk. He said he was moving to North Carolina in a week though it looked like he was going nowhere with a huge hole in his roof and ‘stuff’ everywhere in chaos, not boxes. Plenty of old bottles and dolls  though.
I left disappointed (everything I wanted he wanted to keep) figuring that was the last I’d see of  that mysterious man. Then my friend, `picker’ Gino, asked me if I was going back to Lordsburg. Seems someone was selling 2 mid- century modern chairs on craigslist and it turned out to be Scott.
I wanted to go back to the Sunday Deming swap meet and I thought, maybe I could pry away Scott’s horded Adam mag collection. Angie was out of town visiting her family and
Gino and I drove in his van, leaving at 7 pm. We were destined for Motel 6 in Deming but I wanted Gino to see Scott’s Antique store that night. Unexpectantly, Given was outside on the sidewalk at 11 pm and he allowed us in. This time there were many boxes but plenty not packed (ran out of newspaper).

Watching Gino work was a lesson as he was VERY serious and quiet scanning the shelves filled with stuff. He left with the two chairs from craigslist. Once in motel 6, after meeting several motel toads (photo by Gino)

 Gino googled Scott Given

 and (some) of the mystery fell away. A bottle collector since a child growing up in southern California he had discovered that old bottles can be found in abandoned outhouses! He’s dug 3 thousand since moving to Lordsburg 20 years ago.
He showed us a fabulous early Pepsi bottle priced at $750

 and a bk he had self published on rare bottles from New Mexico and Arizona.

After breakfast

 at La Fonda in Deming with Monica

 and picking twice through the Deming flea it was back to Given. Gino, like a wolfe, was sniffing out the good stuff..
Probing like a surgeon. He wasn’t going to allow himself (or me) to leave without getting something good. Money was (literally) burning a hole in his pants. Somehow he found that Scott had been a skateboarder in Poway,
Escondido, Ca. Did you take any photos? Scott with a slight smile went to the front and opened a box and pulled out drugstore albums with fantastic shots of Henry Rollins (Black Flag), Keith Morris (Circle Jerks), Sonic Youth, The Detonators, UK subs, the Pandoras, and D.O.A. What is the most fantastic price you would want for these photos. Scott looking at the floor and smiling gave a price and the deal was done.

Minutes later I got clumsy climbing over some boxes and broke a plate. Within minutes Scott was back with his hand out. Luckily, the price was $3 dollars! I kept thinking of the pepsi bottle.
On our way back to Tucson I dreamt 

I was small enough to ride a saddle of Spanish leather on the back of Penelope.

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