Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I have images but nothing to say

except patsy's under trsnaparent blouses could be the next fashion `no' like black bras under transparent yellow blouses (I love).

when I lived in LA...when I got depressed OR wasn't feeling depressed I'd stop in at the stripper boutiques along Hollywood Blvd. east of the Grumman Theater. Actually the first time I found this mecca of outrageous fashion was when I went to LA to photograph Tall Goddess, long before she moved to America. I rented a room at Motel 6 and shot and wandered over to Hollywood Blvd. The best.

That's me between Tall Goddess's Big Thighs.

I took Katy to breafast at the swap meet along Dexel at Mission. She was wearing a short summer dress and with the wind blowing every which way I almost thought I saw Paris. My job became holding Katy's dress down while we browsed.

Gail had to fly east on short notice and offered me her home.

Here Katy is reading one of my friend, Steve Orlen's, poetry bks (I did the cover photo of Sarah)

think I'll go to the White Elephant in Green Valley in my new red Toyota.

I invited Katy Awful but she had to get her beauty sleep

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