Sunday, September 23, 2012

One tequila, two tequila, 3 tequila, floor

The irony is that the day before I had been downloading photos off the internet of drunk women, thinking it would make a good fashion layout. the magic marker cock and balls with a new Forever 21 ensemble.

Then Katy comes over for pasta and neglects to mention she hasn't eaten all day.
One tequila leads to another and she's drunk but between my pasta rearranged and reappearing on the floor and, later, in my bed (she kept mentioning how comfortable it was), I never had a chance to grab the magic marker, etc etc.
Before Katy arrived I sent off the (brilliant) fashion idea to my daughter, Leah, and called Willa and told her. She said  "yeah, heroin chic is in. Yeah cock and balls". WHAT! How did she know about the cock and balls and I didn't. Someone told me about a male friend that passed out and his friends drew cock and balls with permanent ink on his face and he had to meet his parents for breakfast the next day. Yeah!

I must clarify now the sleeping arrangements since, early on, Katy made it clear (blurry) she couldn't drive home. She insisted on passing out on the floor.

Somewhere in the nite between the pool and the bathroom she richochetted off my tiled kitchen floor then slammed her forehead into the ground. It took hours before she would allow ice on her shiner.

tres chic

it is impossible to take an awful picture of Katy

discussion tools (Ori Small's bk, Dave Naz book, etc) b4 there became no room for discussion

the aftermath (which has followed me since '97 in SF)

huevos b4 urgent care

the evening made the wall of fame and 4 this I am grateful

note Melanie King framed and on the floor in the kitchen, Felice playing horsie on the foreground
and Ghost Dog on the screen.

tonight I decided to give `thanks' so I went over to the DeGrazia church and lite a candle and sat alone and watched it and the sunlite burn down.

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