Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Big Country

I watched with Gail last night "The Big Country" about two fueding ranchers and it reminded me of the paower of miscommunication. I have lost more friendships from what I have said then most people make.
I had this friendship with a couple and we saw each other all the time. They were about to move to Santa Fe and the female friend came over to help transplant cactus. That was the last I ever heard from them.
Recently i was eating lunch with a new constant friend at Pho off Stone and I said something or somethings unconnected to anyone in particular (certainly not his wife) and he said "Well this is the last lunch we will ever have together".  And that was the last I heard from either one of them.
Before I moved from LA to Tucson I befriended Jackie Alpers. She came to LA to show her fine portfolio of photos. She came with his husband to the infamous "naked" dinner me and Maya held in Tucson before I moved. She shot me shooting my models often (her shot of me is my facebk photo) yet when I moved to Tucson and knew only Gibb (I don't hear from him anyomore either now that I think about it) , Peter Crown, and Steve Orlen, I expected and hoped to spend time with Jackie. I never heard from her and when I called finally she said she was busy shooting food.
It must be my breath or maybe my lack of editing what I say.
photo by Jackie Alpers

Kianna Davis helped me get my Prism LA gallery showing together when I was fighting a deep deppression. She also helped me on my "Way Out West". I had a suspicion she would be very fine to photograph. It took some presuasion but I finally shot her and she put one up on facebook with a censor bar. Her friends commented on how brave she was?????

I had a short but pleasant affair while I was living in SF with a beautiful Black lesbian who came with me Tucson. One morning I woke up and saw her naked in the Arizona room taking a photo. My initial intention was to add to that series with a shot of Kianna feeding the birds naked in the backyard but I only got as far as the wood pile before seeing a possible photo.

at home on the range (Sahuaro west)

But my all time Tucson favorite model is Destany. Without trying she eats my camera ALIVE

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