Friday, October 12, 2012

A Krollish weekend

started with Danny Lyon's lecture and film friday nite at the Creative Center of Photography. He is one of my heros. In 1978, I was in my fancy loft looking up at the Empire stare building just off Fifth Avenue on 29th st in Manhattan. As usual I was broke, dispondent and living with a beautiful young woman. The phone rang and the voice said "hello this is Danny Lyon".
"Fuck you...why would one of my heros be calling me". It turned out that my publisher for my first bk, Sex Objects, had approached Danny about doing a bk and he was calling me to ake about Addison House.
Next I attended his talka dn showing of his film on Bogata, Columbia street kids. That was it for thirty more years till I went early and took a row on the first row. His importance as a documentary photographer was finally properly being recognized. Terry Etherton, who had always championed his wk, had installed an exhibition at his gallery of The Bikeriders (1968). His prints had been affordable not even ten years ago but no longer.
Consistently at the right distance from his subject, Conversations with the Dead (1971) (Texas prison system), Destruction of Lower Manhattan (1969) (buildings levelled to build the World Trade Center), photos taken with SNCC in the violent south in the '60's (The Movement), and Pictures from the New World (1981) are only a few of the vital bks he has done.
I asked a few intelligent questions and later asked him to sign my tattered copies of Conversations and Destruction. We obviously enjoyed are banter together and I went home and reread Pictures and was struck by his facile as a writer. Like Charles Gatewood, and sometimes myself, he brought you with words close to his images. The next day I brought him a broken katchina as my sign of my respect for his work.
Again we spoke well together and I invited him for El Salvadoran breakfast at the Tohono O'Odham swap meet on Drexel on Sunday.

Danny was horrified when I approached an elderly woman that spoke no english. I wanted to shoot her with a teenage Spanish girl at the next table. The old woman refused. Then Danny shot. 

He's sneaky in a good way. He needed the bathroom and went into one of the stalls and I lined up at the urinals. 

the fellow next to me should have stood up straighter and probably would have had seen some of Danny's work. sneaky

We split...he to the Arizona Inn to check out and me to an afternoon party put on by Michelle and Ellie Mayhems at Ellie's fab house. The hostesses changes clothes 3 times each in the 3 hours I was there. Carl Hanni bbq'ed and I watched the gigantic turtle in the heart shaped pool.

a detail found between the two hostesses

Michelle Hotchkiss, one of my favorite Tucson people, selling this selling that...partying here...partying there.

Ellie whose house it was runs (women's &men's Vintage Accessories & Housewares)

an Ellie closet

a detail of Ellie's period guest rm

Ellie's atomic livingroom

an Ellie shelf of vintage detail

I was introduced in cyberspace to Steve and Kim (kimcalnude) by Saunders McNew married to Melanie King whom I used to photograph alot. She's on and we planned on shooting but Steve had a unnamed terrible accident and our shoot was delayed 2 yrs until Saturday at 3:30pm we met at Le  Buzz cafe on Tanque Verde and Mt. Lemon rd. It was awkward to shake his hand because he had few fingers. I asked him what happened and he told me he was by himself with his dog working on the engine of his single engine plane. He was wearing gloves and his right hand got  caught in a wire being feed into the propeller and drew his hand into the blades. He tried to get his right hand out and his left hand went in. Alone. Man what strength he has. He shot as I shot his wife but the first shot I asked to do was him caressing his wife's nipple. 

beautiful Kim in white Prada

note where I keep my leica when my hands are occupied

Steve was able to capture me deep in thought

to round out the weekend I received a copy of the very fine New Erotic Photography 2 edited solely by Dian Hanson (TASCHEN). She and I edited NEP 1 and the new one is better. The last photo in y section is of Destany and entitled "homage to Danny Lyon".

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