Friday, October 26, 2012

"You're just darn lucky they aren't real!"

 I've been in love with Darren Clark ever since I first laughed with him many years ago. I’m not into guys but even so, I know a few women that would lie down for a sense of humor. Because I am friends with Gary, his partner, our relationship will just be for laughs.
AND he’s the best stylist in town.
I've been finding treasures from Betty Blue's junk shop on Plummer for the past 2 months. A fab pigskin Mexican couch, a device to help one stand on his or her head, gifts for models and friends. One day i suggested to Kim, the owner I shoot a calendar for her shop and the idea evolved into a Mexican Mayan calender that evolved into Katy Awful being shot through her augmented tits by an accidental arrow from Moise (Katy suggested him).
The prep for the shoot was enormous with Katy dyeing her hair fresh pink the nite before 

and me propping the shoot to the extreme. I had four ideas to play from.

I have a huge library of 1950's to 1980's girlie magazines and I found a joke in Adam mag I wanted to duplicate.

Katy and I went down to El Charro but found nothing appropriate. Later, she went looking and sent me some fine examples of Mayan fertility and a fine stick pony pin-up.

The shoot went all day from eleven am to beyond dark in my usual National Park site off Old Spanish Trail.

The Mayan choice was shot last and lite by 3 sets of car lites- high beams.

Katy also came up with a pin up drawing of a young damsel riding her stick horse. My friend Brenna had the horse we needed in her daughter's stable off Main st.

Then we thought of Bernard of Hollywood's Lili St. Cyr in feathers. The best shots were the ones shot behind the scenes.

(I'm at the Anasazi Inn south of Kayenta heading home. More on this shoot to follow)
Back at Bruegger's. This is the photo Kim and her husband Terry (drummer) choose. Good choice I think.

Below are some background beauties.
When I co-raised my two girl kids in San Francisco, my studio was in an old Edwardian mansion on Pacific Ave in lower Pac Heights. The building was mostly law offices and I'm certain the staff knew I was making `dirty' pictures upstairs. One afternoon a secretary came and said a gentleman wanted to see me. I didn't recognize him from the bars and late nite dens of SF but he knew me. He was retiring from the scene and wanted to give me his breasts made of nylon and birdseed. I told Darren I didn't want suggestions...I wanted solutions and he went to work and made fine breasts from the bird seed and nylons I brought.

I bbq'd some dogs and Katy got to envision what she might look like when she got old and her boobs sagged

Moises and Katy kept snapping pictures with their coca cola camera and Buggs Bunny camera. WOW!

Lunch was delicious or so I was told. It is the journey not the destination

Kim set the table

Father Moises gave our lunch a blessing

then back to work

some important pictorial observations by Kim, owner and brains behind Betty Blue's Junkshop on Plumer. Each time we began one of the four shots I would first wander off from the picnic tables. I ended up doing shots in three different directions.

Moises from the back

Moises from the front

my Mac pro came in handy for us to refer to our reference images while making the shot happen

brilliant photo by Kim

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