Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Holidays...I have nothing to say

I'm buying books and reading. I found a copy of the first paperback printing of Hunter Thompson's book on the Hell's Angels for a dollar! I bought an elongated hardbound copy

of the Gibson Girls with extraordinaire art drawings

 from 1912. There are over 100 pages and Betty Blues' Junk shop is selling individual pages (for Christmas and Hanukkah stupid).

I met up with my mysterious friend Scott Summerville, fine editor of one of my favorite books, "Me and Big Joe", by Michael Bloomfield -guitar extraordinaire of the Paul Butterfield (Chicago) Blues band and the Super Sessions. These are Bloomfield's recollections of travelling with Big Joe Williams and how E. St. Louis went beyond him and he split Big Joe's `tour'. Brilliant book. Scott, with the unique hairstyle, (the higher the hair...the closer to God) is sometimes either in Champagne, Illinois, Redondo Beach or Brazil (he has a son). Carl Hanni fleshed out the threesome

and we ate heartily at Sher-E-Punjab lunch buffet on Grant and 1 st avenue.

As I was leaving I photographed

Sunday back to the Tohono O'odham swapmeet for El Salvadoran bfast.

There are two good restaurants near where I live in the foothills and China Sunrise has a set of waitresses I enjoy the company of Brooke (who sings while gathering the silverware, Katy who has gone back to school, Hannah who never likes how I pronouce her name, and Liz who has 2 kids).
The don't really like to b photographed but Katie let me take this one.

I buy books near El Sur restaurant on 22nd so I eat there often. I've known Diana since I started going there.

Audrey is new

I'm trying to eat less starch

same result

the boys plus one in the band ...I mean the chefs in the kitchen

I am very fond of Breena and the father of her soon-2-b kid. I shot her naked on a horse and took her to a Yaqui Easter observance (she is 1/2 Yaqui). I'm a `picker' and a gift giver and left her some new maternity panties I bought somewhere sometime, some winter pants for her young daughter and a t-shirt for Russ. She suggested we have a picnic in a hidden area of Ft. Lowell park near where she grew up. I followed and was delighted by its isolation. Breena is seven months pregnant.

Breena is so bright (she choreographed and everything else "the history of Burlesque") and beautiful I wanted to make images for her yet unborn son or daughter to see when grown up.

dad sees mom

then, of course, I got carried away with the frontier sensability and suggested
she faux hang herself

then that turned into a kiss

Breena was sweet enough to wear my new set of ty-shhirts available from my nephew Adam @ Big Time Threads. Go to my blog June 8th entry "Buy It Now or I shoot this desert hare". Click on the t-shirt you would like (or t-shirts) and it will bring you to a form to fill out.

Last Sunday Moises txted me about the Backyard Burlesque off Grande on the westside. $3-5 at the door. live music, vaudeville theater. Produced by Miss Leahbell, sometimes resident of Tucson...other times in Florida, it was exactly as it was stated...backyard party with friends. 

Leah seemed to hardly touch the ground

much more on this event to follow. I have plenty of images but no time

I am always trying to get time with Heather but like other young Tucson beauties one might as well seek an audience with the Pope. My friend Robert Villa has just returned from an amazing journey of rare snakes and semi automatic weapons, driving with another science friend all the way to Guatamala and back. One evening Heather put a bunch of us together to watch the footage Villa had brought back.  Any excuse to shoot this with Jared McKinley, masseuse, plant botanist, and booker of bands for the Hotel Congress.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Good Morning...morning

Four times I ate yesterday starting with me making a breakfast picnic for me and Cactus Mike.

We thought Tohono Chul park was open free to the public on holidays but they stayed closed and didn't tell anyone so we went to the nearby YMCA park which was fine.
Then to Robert `reptile' Villa to pick up his artist grandma, Anna Maria, in Menlo Park (Tucson).

 Then go to his mom's (Aida) and EAT.

Richard surrounded by his mom and his gf

Then Robert told the Thanksgiving table about his two month drive to Guatamala and back to look for a rare rattle snake he never found. Something about 4 guys at 3 am with 4 AK 47 staring down his broken down vehicle deep in Cartel country.

I am excited to see more paintings and pastels by Anne Marie

Then to Gail's to EAT with Cozi and his wife Sarah and her family and Mariam, Gail's mom.

(lft to rght Mariam, Cozi and Gail)

a great deal of smart phone silliness at the table

(Elizabeth, Sarah and Cozi)

Gail blowing out the candles on her birthday that will NOT end (tonight is the third event surrounding the single day she was born)

 Then finally to Darren and Gary's to EAT (only ate pecan pie). I've been to their turkey dinner on and off for ten yrs.

Its the homieist and much like the potluck dinner I'd go to in Berkeley in the '60's and turkey dinner in New Mexico in the '70's. Its a true community event and everyone is there in the various booklined rooms.

No Thanksgiving is complete without a kiss. Here are Naim and Crystal KISSING

Willa and Leah you two were the only thing missing from my table of thanks

my youngest daughter Willa

my oldest daughter Leah when she was younger and we were living in SF

San Diego dad and daughter weekend a few ago

Thursday, November 15, 2012

if the phone doesn't ring...its me

Attributed to Danny Rose in Peter Chelsom's Hear My Song with Ned Beatty and Adrian Dunbar.

 I went on the Tucson Modernism week home tour. There was a mid century house, isolated with a large livingroom, swimming pool and three bedrooms. I have been thinking for years about doing an intensive photo experience (seminar/school) and I couldn't figure how to do it. My house is way too cluttered. But this might be the solution. I'd hire models. provide extensive clothing for the models and props, provide a location and talk about photographing women. My friend, photographer Billy Watson ( will participate. He's an accomplished content provider for many of the top porn sites. There would be at least 4 models staying at the house for the four day experience. Photographers would be expected to find lodging (high end is the Tanque Verde Ranch or Hacienda Del Sol- low end is Motel 6) and feed themselves. I'd lead a trek into the desert with models and water but most of the shooting would happen at the house. This is an old style pre video experience like the 1950's camera club shootings Cass Carr in the NYC area and Bunny Yeager in Miami would lead. Those that need a signed model release or wish to shoot video would have to make special financial arrangements with each model. Time will be set aside for photographers to work alone with models outside the planned four 6 hr days. Private shoots can also be arranged between the model and the photographer. I must have 10 photographers commit with 50% of fee by January 1 and there would be a limit of 15 participants. contact me at The cost would be between $600 to $700 for the four days SOMETIME IN APRIL, 2013.


my side yard

the long relaxed legs of Katy Awful

Katy's back that day

first plate at Sheri Punjab on Grant (the lunch buffet silly)

the back of Katy at Tanque Verde Ranch

front of a house in Tucson I've never been in

the parking area for a democratic fund raiser

close to Georgia O'Keefe's house

"Black Cross" 1929

a church on the outskirts of Abiquiu, NM

Georgia on the outskirts of Abiquiu

one of hers

her livingroom (photo not by me)

her palette

why is it my dad, Calder, Donald Judd and even me have their stones

I admire O'Keefe's independence