Friday, November 23, 2012

Good Morning...morning

Four times I ate yesterday starting with me making a breakfast picnic for me and Cactus Mike.

We thought Tohono Chul park was open free to the public on holidays but they stayed closed and didn't tell anyone so we went to the nearby YMCA park which was fine.
Then to Robert `reptile' Villa to pick up his artist grandma, Anna Maria, in Menlo Park (Tucson).

 Then go to his mom's (Aida) and EAT.

Richard surrounded by his mom and his gf

Then Robert told the Thanksgiving table about his two month drive to Guatamala and back to look for a rare rattle snake he never found. Something about 4 guys at 3 am with 4 AK 47 staring down his broken down vehicle deep in Cartel country.

I am excited to see more paintings and pastels by Anne Marie

Then to Gail's to EAT with Cozi and his wife Sarah and her family and Mariam, Gail's mom.

(lft to rght Mariam, Cozi and Gail)

a great deal of smart phone silliness at the table

(Elizabeth, Sarah and Cozi)

Gail blowing out the candles on her birthday that will NOT end (tonight is the third event surrounding the single day she was born)

 Then finally to Darren and Gary's to EAT (only ate pecan pie). I've been to their turkey dinner on and off for ten yrs.

Its the homieist and much like the potluck dinner I'd go to in Berkeley in the '60's and turkey dinner in New Mexico in the '70's. Its a true community event and everyone is there in the various booklined rooms.

No Thanksgiving is complete without a kiss. Here are Naim and Crystal KISSING

Willa and Leah you two were the only thing missing from my table of thanks

my youngest daughter Willa

my oldest daughter Leah when she was younger and we were living in SF

San Diego dad and daughter weekend a few ago

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