Thursday, November 15, 2012

if the phone doesn't ring...its me

Attributed to Danny Rose in Peter Chelsom's Hear My Song with Ned Beatty and Adrian Dunbar.

 I went on the Tucson Modernism week home tour. There was a mid century house, isolated with a large livingroom, swimming pool and three bedrooms. I have been thinking for years about doing an intensive photo experience (seminar/school) and I couldn't figure how to do it. My house is way too cluttered. But this might be the solution. I'd hire models. provide extensive clothing for the models and props, provide a location and talk about photographing women. My friend, photographer Billy Watson ( will participate. He's an accomplished content provider for many of the top porn sites. There would be at least 4 models staying at the house for the four day experience. Photographers would be expected to find lodging (high end is the Tanque Verde Ranch or Hacienda Del Sol- low end is Motel 6) and feed themselves. I'd lead a trek into the desert with models and water but most of the shooting would happen at the house. This is an old style pre video experience like the 1950's camera club shootings Cass Carr in the NYC area and Bunny Yeager in Miami would lead. Those that need a signed model release or wish to shoot video would have to make special financial arrangements with each model. Time will be set aside for photographers to work alone with models outside the planned four 6 hr days. Private shoots can also be arranged between the model and the photographer. I must have 10 photographers commit with 50% of fee by January 1 and there would be a limit of 15 participants. contact me at The cost would be between $600 to $700 for the four days SOMETIME IN APRIL, 2013.


my side yard

the long relaxed legs of Katy Awful

Katy's back that day

first plate at Sheri Punjab on Grant (the lunch buffet silly)

the back of Katy at Tanque Verde Ranch

front of a house in Tucson I've never been in

the parking area for a democratic fund raiser

close to Georgia O'Keefe's house

"Black Cross" 1929

a church on the outskirts of Abiquiu, NM

Georgia on the outskirts of Abiquiu

one of hers

her livingroom (photo not by me)

her palette

why is it my dad, Calder, Donald Judd and even me have their stones

I admire O'Keefe's independence

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