Thursday, November 8, 2012

“The best way to find yourself Is to get lost in a laugh.”

I own alot of vintage softcore mags and this quote comes from Robert Mende editor of CARTOONS (circa 1969).
"sex is man's attempt to remain a boy"
- Mende
"Sex brings people together to show how far apart they are"

At the second debate (thank Goddess Obama won the election!) I had a difficult time watching the two candidates battle it out and kept looking away. Willa, my youngest had the same reaction and called it
"second-hand embarassment" when one feels the awkwardness so immensely you can no longer watch.

my friend Gail is SO beautiful outside Jaunos' Downtown restaurant after Terry Etherton Gallery opening. My collector/publisher friend Jim Camp came to visit and to `pick' in the Dexel flea
and eat breakfast in my favorite El Salvadoran restaurant

 and the antique fair. We are working on letter pressing a small accordion bk of 6 of my images called "You Don't Have To Be A Dancer To Wear Danskin"

sometimes I miss my life in LA

Anne Marie downtown

I shot this beauty first time in a corset shoot for Dark Garden in San Francisco then near Disneyland where she was raised.

Adrianna in LA whom I almost stayed with this wk in NYC but twice I cancelled bcause of weather. 

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