Thursday, December 26, 2013

The year in pictures

Claudette Colbert in DeMille's Cleopatra

(as my friend, Jim Nintzel pointed out) Krampus

David with his son, Roman

Kady of Beverly blvd in Bebe

Nancy's twice yrly party . (lft to rght) Karen, Gail, Gibb, Max and Emily

(from my collection) "Country Pie Contest #6"

Nancy's party

Steve Romanello's Pima College class

Steve at work

big Sarah at Vichy Hot Springs (lives presently in Paris)

"If We Hadn't Met At David's...We Might Have Met at the Owl bar in Flagstaff in 1980 . )photo snapped by John Running) I miss the gold Betsey Johnson dress

My friend Danny Vinik of Brink media turned me onto El Ranchito on St. Mary's west of Interstate 10. I've been eating their garlic shrimp ever since

The Miss Nude Cosmos contest 1974 by Johnny Castano (selling this)

me and Crystal in her and her mom, Bonnie's store Bon at Country Club and Broadway. She's wearing around her neck what I bought.

we passed in the nite. he just beginning his evening and me just finishing mine

Magee and Abril and their daughter, Luisa

another fine year Gail and I got to spend together

Katy Awful at our calendar signing at Betty Blue's Junk Shop

2014 calendar with Katy, Officer Mike and Santiago

© from the collection of Eric Kroll. a new book I am just starting entitled "Unattainable"
a part of my livingroom

some of the girlie softcore mags I was able to obtain in LA recently- especially from Side Show, off Santa Monica blvd west of the 405.

I own a vast collection of original 60's girlie work and one of my favorite women from then was Barbie Dahl so I asked my photo friend, Dave Naz, if we could do one set up shot with his model Emily Grey, new to the `girlie' mag scene. I wanted to pretend to be dreaming of Barbie looking at a vintage Adam magazine with beautiful Barbie Dahl on its cover with Emily behind me making my wish come true. Ironically, she looks very much like Barbie Dahl from 1966.

a `take-out' customer at the El Ranchito

my backyard on a wet afternoon

I found a place to show my work in the foothills ("The Garage Gallery). It also has Helmut Newton and Keith Haring

Hours into Darren and Gary's fabUlous Thanksgiving dinner

Artist Ken Shorr in the middle, Cozi Orlen on my left, Darren to ken's left and a woman whpo does hair and make-up peruse a two volume set of 1936 Olympic books (Hitler)

in the next room over the kids reaction to a smart phone

a family doing their Christmas card in Sabino Canyon (I asked permission)

I stayed in a casita in back of Dave and Ori's house half way betweeen Circus of Books on Santa Monica Blvd and Fred Segal's on Melrose Blvd (Ori doesn't like the fd there...Dave and I do).

Ori surrounded by work- reviewing or viewing anal vds for the AVN awards. (someone has to do it)

Dave covering the `spread'

the Nazworthys' backyard

my livingroom for Jordan Bunniie 2 c so she stops by so I can photograph her

It turns out my walking friend from my hood in the foothills, Alan B. Goldstein, is also my COUSIN. He went back to see his elderly aunt and he mentioned me and she asked if my dad was named `Boris' and it is and she sent through him a family tree of my grandmother Cecilia's branch and the last limb is my dad. Just before he died his business, Boris Kroll Fabrics, went belly up (`tits over ass' as the Pogues would say) and Scalamandre, the fine rug company bought his archive of designs. Twelve years later they mounted an exhibition of his designs at the New York School of Design on 70th st and I was in town. I was impressed. Many of my friends figured I'd be angry at his memory (he was difficult) but I'm not. He gave me a strong sense of design and one out of two ain[t bad.

when I knew I had a chance to photograph Betsey Johnson I went looking for an appropriate gift and found a easily transportable `boot' (the protective lining a saguaro cactus builds around the scaring a bird or other animal makes in the cactus body. When the saguaro dies many many years later the skeleton is left and often different shaped `boots'. This is one of them.

Julia and her mom, Karen, a few yrs ago.

crepes with Julia, Peter and Karen and Beau and more Christmas morning

Julia same day with holiday card I made her and Beau

Sue and Satan
I shot this in my cool w. 12th st. garret with skylight and darkroom ehat used to be rented by photographer Bruce Davidson. I found this bordello couch at the end of Sleepy Hollow road where I grew up in Westchester county. I don't remember where I met Satan...maybe on the crosstown subway line. A variation on this photo ran in a Men's Adventure magazine. I loved tearsheets almost as much as I loved trees.

Gail and I settling an argument Christmas eve day at the Arizona Inn

me and Bunny Yeager and her daughter and Ed Christian, her agent. i used to be that for Bunny in the late 80's and early nineties b4 and after Betty Page surfaced. This was shot last year in Miami Beach

the desk guy at the motel Javier and I stayed in at Weeki Wachi last year. It remined me of reading the book, Revelations,on Diane Arbus' last travelling show.

sea creatures at the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale

a guiet guy at Starbucks off interstate 10

my kitchen window

when I need to get lost (holiday times) I often go to the highway where the old western cowboy star, Tom Mix, died in a car crash just short of Florence, Az. It lks like nothing but I find the most beautiful jewels.

pods from a fallen century stalk

some of the sky islands I skirt in around Tucson

me and photographer Beatrice Neuman reconnecting in LA

David Fahey, gallerist and photographer in his studio in his gallery.

Cynthia Patterson flashes me off Hollywood blvd

waitress at El Sur off 22nd st in Tucson

me and J.B. McCourtney just b4 my "opening" at the World Erotica museum in Miami Beach. "The higher the hair the closer to God".

happy new year Lillian. I wish I were wherever u r.

a very sexy Weegee in Hollywood back in the day © Joseph Jasgur. I miss Peruvian lunches with his palamour Wilma Wilcox.