Saturday, January 26, 2013

My immediate family years ago

once at a roadside carnival on the east coast of Florida near Ft. Lauderdale the cousiuns laughed together. (lft to right) Willa, Leah, Zoe and Andrew)

(lft to right) Willa, Zoe, Andrew and Lisa, my sister)

being extremely anti gun fun I didn't partake.

(lft to right Andrew, Zoe, Lisa and gun loader)

cousins Zoe and willa in the kitchen

mny all time fasvorite ex mother in law Jeannie with her bundle of grandsons and grand daughters. ( it is SO hard not to be a dork at this age with your grandma)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Sorbet Past

I believe in two things. Geico Insurance and Mac computers. I have thousans and thousands of cd scans of the film I shot in the SF yrs and my new external cd burner plays them into my mac and I get to put them back into circulation.

here are images from my San Francisco days though Evelyn (candy stripped) was shot in LA. She now lives in Hong Kong.

I think this woman is one of the most interesting people I have ever photographed. Needless to say I fell deeply in lust. I saw her on a dance floor in the Tenderloin and asked Big Sarah (a perfectly porportioned big Mississippi white blues singer to approach her- Sarah now lives in Paris) Arian asked if she could bring a friend and, by lunchtime, he was sent home. It got crazy wild and on the way back across the Oakland bridge she explained we couldn't do this reminded her of something buried in her past. I did shoot her  
again with my friend Skye and saw her in some of the hottest sexual photos with two other Berkeley girls. The couch shot was made of the aftermath. I covered her naked body with dried flowers I had collected then did  "woman as potpourri"

Potpourri is a mixture of dried, nsturally fragrant plant material, used to provide a gentle natural scent inside one's livingroom.

I shot this in a house off Mulholland drive with Willa and one of her friends in the other room.

a detail

note the fab homoerotic bk cover oil on the wall.

I was thinner then and I lost those red and black rubber boots that i got from Schwartze Moda
in Berlin,  Germany in the mid ninties.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stuck so download and sprinkle with lite photoshop

I have my annual bronchitus and since I live by fireplace alone ...I freeze. Gail has let me stay with her and unlike when I had kids ...I'm under no pressure to get better quickly. I have been going through discs of scanned negatives and invariably they are of Katy Awful. Better in cyberspace then taking up closet space.

I found this delicate tumble weed outside Palm Springs.

on the way to Vegas.

Vegas at the Golden Nugget, home of the shark chute

My San Francisco friend Maya Estes designed this for Forever Twenty One. My backyard.

the glasses I got in Venice Italy...designed by Peggy Guggenheim. Lolita is Lolita.

Desert Lap Dancing

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Keep On Rocking In The Free World *

* Neil Young.

My plumber plays music. He installed my bedroom air conditioner and took from me a photo I did of Barbara Butterfly back in the middle seventies AND a photo I didn’t take of Serena, the great strawberry blonde seventies pornstar that was known for her inverted nipples.
Friday nite, January 11th,  he went behind a curtain and came out a green rhinestone Chick Cashman,

someone I never knew but every old timer in Tucson remembers him from his notorious 80’s club act.
I love it when someone I care about is good …better than his hype.

 He’s not my first friend to wear wig and rhinestones. I’m also close with Jelvis, the Jewish Elvis, who used to shop for his ensemble at Nudies in Hollywood, home to the finest in showmen western wear.
Chic is retiring on this, his 50th birthday and I, along with Tucson nite life, was there at Club Congress to honor him and to “kick some mother- fucking ass”.

I came too late to see Paula Taylor sing but she told me, in secret, that that was allright. It was Cliff’s night to shine and he shone like Arizona `wood’.

I don’t understand why rock and rollers look over their own shoulder like yellow birds do at my bird feeder…constantly worried they are going to be knocked off their perch…which they invariably are but no one was going to mess with Chick.

He was the man, the girl, the star.

Shit, he better like these pictures so I can get my broken pipe fixed and the toilet still runs, silent but deadly, and the screen needs to be put 20 feet up and…but that nite…at Club Congress was magical.

 I can’t wait for his 70th…when all the rockstars wear depends and those in the audience don’t need toilet paper to plug their ears since their hearing no longer goes out at night.

(more from that nite after I cure my annual bronchitis)

I turned off my boiler last year. I didn't have the 2 grand to repair it and live by firewood. For the last two nites the sugar water for the hummingbirds has frozen!