Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Drive Hammered...Get Nailed"

A few nites b4 New Year's Eve, I drove over with Chinese take out.

the house was lit and I wasn't.
I gave my season greeting card (a carved message into a cut blue agave leaf)
I took a group shot with the camera on a tripod outside the livingroom window.
I wanted to make a Kroll shot of the "two old men" and the precocious "dominant young woman" but she refused to fulfill my fantasy saying she was saving herself for the art they were planning on making the following days. We sat down for take out and I took photos of what was they're.

I left feeling a sense of deja vu.


  1. ha ha i know what you mean Eric! i'm having deja vu here too....
    love the cactus shot...