Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stuck so download and sprinkle with lite photoshop

I have my annual bronchitus and since I live by fireplace alone ...I freeze. Gail has let me stay with her and unlike when I had kids ...I'm under no pressure to get better quickly. I have been going through discs of scanned negatives and invariably they are of Katy Awful. Better in cyberspace then taking up closet space.

I found this delicate tumble weed outside Palm Springs.

on the way to Vegas.

Vegas at the Golden Nugget, home of the shark chute

My San Francisco friend Maya Estes designed this for Forever Twenty One. My backyard.

the glasses I got in Venice Italy...designed by Peggy Guggenheim. Lolita is Lolita.

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  1. get well soon old boy. luv the shots. the last and 4th last xxx
    also really like Italian glasses and sucking thumb.