Monday, February 4, 2013

"I'm going to look at you till my eyes go blind"

*Bobbie Dylan's "The only think I did wrong was spend one day too long in Mississippi".
Great song.
Everywhere I go I've been locking eyes with beautiful women. At a Goodwill off Wilmot, I met
Shureeka who had a great street `look' and I figured her to b in high school. Instead, she was attending Pima and was 18. Then onto the antique fair way out Tanque Verde where I noticed Christine, smoking a pipe like a Jamacian but with piercings who worked in a bar and was a mixture of Jamaican and Irish. Then out Thornydale to a nude shoot out sponsored by Jim and Lori Kelso where I was mesmerized by Spanish Nalissha and got to know Staci and Sara who got naked on a diving board to have a cigarette and for me to take their picture.
Kiana helped me get my tornado in order for a visit on Friday from Jim Nintzel, chief writer from the Tucson Weekly. And I saw Heather of Tucson TWICE...the last time dropping her sweet cake on the maze of the Grace at St. Paul church where my violin friend Robert Villa was playing music for a recital. And Gail, of course and Peter Crown and Alan Goldstein and...
I have new equipment that allows me to go back in time and iphoto photos I took a long time ago.

a Berkeley beauty I shot in San Francisco in my aparttment on Bush and Fillmore.

when I set up this first shoot together she asked if she could bring a friend as a precaution against
potential problems. He also had a good time.

the colors on her rubber dress are from the year round Christmas lites in the hallway.

Back then the routine was to take the model to lunch. Here she is blind-folded in a monkey fur I got from Julian on 3rd st in LA. It was pure dress-up for those who wanted it.

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