Thursday, March 28, 2013

I have an UPCOMING exhibit in Miami Beach at WEAM

I am frightened by my interactions with Naomi Wilzig, the director who started this. I don't think she and I see eye to eye on what is erotic. I don't think she bothered to look at my work and every indication is she hasn't learned how to read emails. BUT I get to see Leah in Miami and we thrift shop till we drop. I get to visit with Bobby Shapely and his dad, Harvey (my cousin), Javier and Jan, and hopefully Becky and Rick and Brad. I enjoy cuban coffee and the pace that comes with it. Please join me but I must warn you Naomi is charging at the reception. What class! If you alert me by email I will put your name on the list.
I just got off the phone with my nemisis again. This time she called me "a has-been who hasn't had an exhibition in years". Jeez, I had an exhibition at Prism two years ago. Can't I simply be considered a `loser'. In retaliation I suggest people go to the WEAM website and click on the vids. Naomi is priceless and so is the art.
Perhaps Helmut Schuster, Director Gallery Schuster Berlin who is to fly in Wednesday to guest curate the show, can save the day. He has an idea of doing a three part show of 10 pieces from Sex Objects, 10 pieces from Fetish Girls and 10 more recent work that shows my interest in the humorous and surreal.
I sent Naomi some recent work and she called it "porn" asking me to send "more atractive" models. This is after she told me to make certain I included explicit images. huh. below are some of what I sent her.

Helena is Special

George Bernard Shaw Drank Mother's Milk In His Coffee Every Morning

Aspen School of Bondage

Girlfriend As Bird Feeder

"Are You Sure This Is How You Make Upside Down Cake"*
borrowed from artist Bill Ward who borrowed it from someone else

Melanie Sits

Gaining Strength

Melanie Sucks Off An Agave In My Side Yard

Find The Host

The First time Naomi and I Were Together


Kachina About To Go To Bonadage A Go Go

Chantel Preferred The Beaver Over Me

A Bandage Not Bondage Fetish

These last two (below) were very frawned upon. I censored the one of Jayme Langford.

What's So Funny About My Mouth Guard And Jammies

Penis Envy

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I try to anticipate

what might happen on a shoot and I've been shooting women on a regular basis since 1988 but last week was a FIRST. I had Sasha

 write down her phone number and spoke about shooting. Weeks later I called her and she was in Phoenix visiting her "boyfriend". I called her again after I got back from LA and I arranged to pick her up. She lived on 8th st in a building I had shot another girl from. When she appeared she was a platinium blonde and pronounced "my mother wants to come".

I don't like boyfriends to be there but I NEVEr considered mother's. Sasha assured me her mother was cool. Ok. "And my brother Alex". I explained to mom that my house wasn't for underage kids
but Alex found my room filled with antique cameras and I told him to go pick out one to keep. I also told him to find a vhs from my enormous collection but none of those attracted him. I told him he could go swqimming and like a kid, he put on one of my b suits, and jumped in. The mother walked around, explaining she was an artist. 
I had gotten a "yield" sign from Btty Blues Junk shop and knew I wanted to shoot her as a pin-up with it in the desert. Naturally I engaged the mother in styling the photo.
Sasha, on the cusp of womanhood, was easy to shoot. I had bought this painting at a yard sale in San Kuis Obispo, CA down the road from the Madonna Inn, ten years earlier. The guy said it was painted by his sister and she didn't know she was selling it.

I'm giving the painting to Anastasha, oldest child of Breena, who just had a baby boy with Rusty. I remember how shocking it was to Leah-even though we had tried to prepare her- for her baby sister, Willa.

Sasha was born in Russia near the Black Sea nineteen years ago. She, nor her mother, knew who Betty Page 

(I found these 4x5 negs of BP in the basement of the Chelsea comic store just to the left of the Chelsea hotel on 23rd st in Manhattan. I bought the entire Mishkin collection at a good price since the basement where the collection was was condemned by the fire department and had to be removed that day.

was but knew who Sasha Grey is. (me and Sasha outside a bar with no name near Atwater Village in LA)

and she knew who Warhol was (photo by Helmut Newton)

the girl scout bathing suit, the pug nose, the feeling of the beginning of one's life

continuing to play `dress-up' Sasha found a vintage white slip that Lucinda wore in 1988 in NYC. Under her blonde hair she had S U I C I D E tattooed above her right ear so when she shaved the area one would see it.

then she found my collection of barbie dolls

and began to play with herself

while her mom, Natasha made us coffee

Monday, March 11, 2013

Men Are Like Street cars

if you miss one here you'll get another one right away". * heard on "Men Are Like Street cars" Women Blues singers 1928-1969. sung by Rosetta Howard.

one tomato said to another tomato "Ketchup". and that's what I have to do.

I found at the library a copy of Rouben Mamoulian's The Gay Desperado (1936) starring Ida Lupino

 and Nino Martini playing a Mexican singing cowboy opera star. It is a hilarious b&w film based on Marx brothers movies this one produced by Mary Pickford.
A week later I'm in Wickenburg on one of my road trips and I ask the waitress, Candye Limon, at El Ranchito if I can take her photo. She disappears to run my credit card and comes back smiling saying she loves my work but doesn't "want to take that sort of photo". I explain that I take many different types of photos and write down my blog address suggesting she check it out and I'd be back the next day. I came back a day later and she had read the blog and agreed to pose.

Candye left andf I went inside for dinner at her folks place. Half way through the meal a waiter brings out the food for another nearby table and out comes Chuy, Candye's dad and sings Opera!!

My tzunami brought up a neglected roll of film from the late 70's. It was halloween nite and the party was in the flower district where I had a loft above the Old Garden Restaurant. The conglomeration of people amazed me since some were from my days at Bard, some from my days at the University of Colorado and some from the then present- NYC. Two days later I went to a birthday party thrown by Andrew Brown for his girlfriend Dia. It is an interesting(for me) visual comparison. 

(lft to right) Ed Caddy, architect living in London. My ex wife Lynka Adams, living with her husband, Ron Kurash (the devil) in San Francisco.

Sam Bruskin, creative thinker/artist living in New Orleans. Peter Dennison, having been to Morocco
currently lives I -don't-know-where.

Sam I've know since the first day at Bard Sept. 1964, Lynka , mother of my two girls, Willa and Leah and me looking flaccid.

David Hershkovits, co-founder of the Paper, relaxing b4 the party. Whatever happened to that rolltop desk or that rug. The kachina just past David's head I still have but the reclining Buddha Lynka and I bought in Thailand must have sailed back to Phuket because I don't have him anymore.

that's Richard Lowenberg, crossing the imaginary line. he lives in Santa Fe working with positive uses of media. 

Leonid Lubianisky. russian. I met him in the early seventies. we were both shooting for ourselves outside Lincoln Center. A fine photographer

well is was plastic

Do you think Peter looked as stoned as I felt?

if I remember correctly the night ended with a hell of a blowjob. But we were still married so that was ok.
part 2 Dia and Andrew. I first met Andrew when he filmed me for the Univ. of Az television station when I curated the Warhol show for Eric Firestone Gallery. I figured then he had a future and would contact suggesting he film such and such but he was in demand and when not doing assignments he was busy doing his own film pieces. Then I met Dia and I thought she was a true Mayan beauty and asked her to pose. Nope. He had heard rumors about my behavior with models ...then months later he told me he had made that up and simply didn't want me threatening his relationship. For a period he had an interest in erotic photography and he told me every book he bought was either edited by me, had my photos in it or was my work.I'd see Dia at where she worked and dealt with the denial. Her birthday fell on Fat Tuesday and I arrived late.

wewere asked to bring a mask so I brought a mask I bought in Venice when I met my youngest there in 2007. I also brought tequila because its quicker but no one would drink that. They all drank the rum punch Hurricanes. Women I didn't remember kept coming up to me and reminding me of events we had worked together on. One beauty would hang close then leave...then another. Robert Villa played his violin around the candlelit birthday cake

,  Dionysus, Dia's dad danced all nite

, and my friend Tom Willet took the shots I couldn't take.

bday girl

Dia in Andrew's arms

Andrew drank

Dia drank

this beauty reminded me I had approached her to shoot when I first came to Tucson four years ago at that record store on Dodge near Grant.

Dia blue out the candles

My shots sans flash

Sasha was feeling no pain

the kitchen rendevous

the front porch

I noticed Shasta disappear around the frig and then reappear to be painted by a friend that had just come back from Japan. Next I saw her she was decorated.

On the wall in the courtyard, a piece by friend/ artist Nick Georgiou.

and then good night.

the next day I dropped off a log to replace the wood we burned in the fireplace the nite b4

once I saw a movie with Rory Calhoun called "Motel Hell" where he cured "dumb tourists" in the basement of the hotel. The "hello" sign had lost its "o". After I left the party I came across the "Hot" hotel.