Thursday, March 28, 2013

I have an UPCOMING exhibit in Miami Beach at WEAM

I am frightened by my interactions with Naomi Wilzig, the director who started this. I don't think she and I see eye to eye on what is erotic. I don't think she bothered to look at my work and every indication is she hasn't learned how to read emails. BUT I get to see Leah in Miami and we thrift shop till we drop. I get to visit with Bobby Shapely and his dad, Harvey (my cousin), Javier and Jan, and hopefully Becky and Rick and Brad. I enjoy cuban coffee and the pace that comes with it. Please join me but I must warn you Naomi is charging at the reception. What class! If you alert me by email I will put your name on the list.
I just got off the phone with my nemisis again. This time she called me "a has-been who hasn't had an exhibition in years". Jeez, I had an exhibition at Prism two years ago. Can't I simply be considered a `loser'. In retaliation I suggest people go to the WEAM website and click on the vids. Naomi is priceless and so is the art.
Perhaps Helmut Schuster, Director Gallery Schuster Berlin who is to fly in Wednesday to guest curate the show, can save the day. He has an idea of doing a three part show of 10 pieces from Sex Objects, 10 pieces from Fetish Girls and 10 more recent work that shows my interest in the humorous and surreal.
I sent Naomi some recent work and she called it "porn" asking me to send "more atractive" models. This is after she told me to make certain I included explicit images. huh. below are some of what I sent her.

Helena is Special

George Bernard Shaw Drank Mother's Milk In His Coffee Every Morning

Aspen School of Bondage

Girlfriend As Bird Feeder

"Are You Sure This Is How You Make Upside Down Cake"*
borrowed from artist Bill Ward who borrowed it from someone else

Melanie Sits

Gaining Strength

Melanie Sucks Off An Agave In My Side Yard

Find The Host

The First time Naomi and I Were Together


Kachina About To Go To Bonadage A Go Go

Chantel Preferred The Beaver Over Me

A Bandage Not Bondage Fetish

These last two (below) were very frawned upon. I censored the one of Jayme Langford.

What's So Funny About My Mouth Guard And Jammies

Penis Envy

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