Sunday, March 17, 2013

I try to anticipate

what might happen on a shoot and I've been shooting women on a regular basis since 1988 but last week was a FIRST. I had Sasha

 write down her phone number and spoke about shooting. Weeks later I called her and she was in Phoenix visiting her "boyfriend". I called her again after I got back from LA and I arranged to pick her up. She lived on 8th st in a building I had shot another girl from. When she appeared she was a platinium blonde and pronounced "my mother wants to come".

I don't like boyfriends to be there but I NEVEr considered mother's. Sasha assured me her mother was cool. Ok. "And my brother Alex". I explained to mom that my house wasn't for underage kids
but Alex found my room filled with antique cameras and I told him to go pick out one to keep. I also told him to find a vhs from my enormous collection but none of those attracted him. I told him he could go swqimming and like a kid, he put on one of my b suits, and jumped in. The mother walked around, explaining she was an artist. 
I had gotten a "yield" sign from Btty Blues Junk shop and knew I wanted to shoot her as a pin-up with it in the desert. Naturally I engaged the mother in styling the photo.
Sasha, on the cusp of womanhood, was easy to shoot. I had bought this painting at a yard sale in San Kuis Obispo, CA down the road from the Madonna Inn, ten years earlier. The guy said it was painted by his sister and she didn't know she was selling it.

I'm giving the painting to Anastasha, oldest child of Breena, who just had a baby boy with Rusty. I remember how shocking it was to Leah-even though we had tried to prepare her- for her baby sister, Willa.

Sasha was born in Russia near the Black Sea nineteen years ago. She, nor her mother, knew who Betty Page 

(I found these 4x5 negs of BP in the basement of the Chelsea comic store just to the left of the Chelsea hotel on 23rd st in Manhattan. I bought the entire Mishkin collection at a good price since the basement where the collection was was condemned by the fire department and had to be removed that day.

was but knew who Sasha Grey is. (me and Sasha outside a bar with no name near Atwater Village in LA)

and she knew who Warhol was (photo by Helmut Newton)

the girl scout bathing suit, the pug nose, the feeling of the beginning of one's life

continuing to play `dress-up' Sasha found a vintage white slip that Lucinda wore in 1988 in NYC. Under her blonde hair she had S U I C I D E tattooed above her right ear so when she shaved the area one would see it.

then she found my collection of barbie dolls

and began to play with herself

while her mom, Natasha made us coffee

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