Sunday, March 3, 2013

Young again...not

When i was at Bard College in the early 60's I majored in English and my advisor advised me to change majors. I stupidity came from the drugs I took ...not the dimensions of my brain. I'd wait to the nite b4 his class and take dexitrine (sp) and stay up all nite and finish the book and either sleep through
class or make it to class and retain NOTHING!
Decades and decades later I repeat with a slight variation. It used to be that I could leave my house in Tucson in a flash but now I am drawn to stay and sort or work on this corner or that corner of my cluttered house. I lingered 3 days past when I thought I'd leave for LA till finally on Friday nite I was ready at 11 pm but decided to sleep and get up and drive. I got two hours sleep and showered and was out. By dawn I was tired and slept an hour in a rest spot then onto Santa Monica to meet Jon who is a collector/dealer of movie stills and fine posters. I sleep on his couch. His one table is crammed with stuff. He also makes films and is about to show his new fim, Home Movie, in Houston, Tx so his apartment is set up to promote.
He wanted to take me deep into the Valley to a movie rental place that had an incredible back room as though untouched by time. Old boxes of photos onto of old file cabinets filled with '20's and '30s and forties movie stills and more. There was another collector named Tom and me and Jon.  It had been picked over over time but there were treasures. Katy Awful is again taking ballet so I concentrated on old old old ballet photos.

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