Friday, April 12, 2013


The higher the hair ...the closer to God.

The shot above was Brad McCourtney's idea...I just added the wig that I borrowed from Javier Pison (and wore at my WEAM opening)

(photo by Jan)
 when Peli, his wife at the time, left her wigs behind. (please note that Javier is wearing prison garb and smoking Sheriff cigarettes)
The next morning Brad had to go do a portrait of a Seminole but we squeezed in two Cuban restauarant experiences and one exhibition. Javier had taken me to Las Vegas on 71st and Collins (6970 Collins Ave. 305-864-1509) many years ago
and  Brad felt right at home having stayed in Cuba.

the only scrap he left me was a forgotten onion strip (foreground) but I didn't mind or argue.

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