Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The title of Naomi's morning email to me. It went on to read " You can expect to hear from my attorney about your defamation of character. I made no comment about you publicly. But you claimed I had no class, charged $125 which is a lie, and said my showroom looked like a bordello to the public".

In my own defense, the `$125' was a typo and I apologize for making typos. I make them all the time. It should have read $15 which IS what she charged the nite of my opening. I said the room where my photos hung looked like a bordello because of the red walls and black frames.
They still haven't hung my exhibition statement nor my name prominently anywhewre in the room.

I had a wonderful lunch with Bunny Yeager, her daughter Lisa and her agent/friend Ed Christin. I liked him very much and Lisa and Bunny and I got along finely...Years ago...when we worked together in the '80's, we would lock horns. 
I asked the waitress if she would model my mermaid suit at the sports fishing boat area across from Haulover Beach Park (the nudist beach) but shew couldn't commit. On my way back to Miami Beach from Miami Shores, Ed called and told me of a model perfect for mermaid. 
It turned out to be Christie Strong, grand daughter of glamour model, Maria Stinger..."the Marilyn Monroe of Miami".

model for Irving Klaw and Bunny Yeager

and Doris Wishman's "Diary of A Nudist" (1961). I figured her to be a stripper with a name like that but instead she was an artist.

Christie more than saved the day. She was delicious!

(the nerve of Eric Kroll) I get my inspriation these days from tumblr. A minute after meeting Christie and she trying on a new South Beach bikini from Enrique Ricon’s Evolution beachwear (215 7th st) Miami Beach 33139, i asked her to flesh out a concept photo i wanted to do. Please make the "inch" sign as I had seen a woman do on tumblr.

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