Monday, April 15, 2013

my daughter Leah

I wrote this but I'll write it again...I did the exhibition for a paid flight to see my daughter, Leah, my 2nd cousin Bobby and his dad, my cousin Harvey and his wife Carolina, my old friend photographer Brad McCourtney, and Javier Pison and Jan Agostaro. And to walk on the beach and pick up shells and photograph the people on the beach, to eat Cuban food.
When the guest curator Helmut Schuster, kept asking me if I liked the exhibition, I was hesitant. I didn't know why but something was wrong besides the red wall and black frames which makes it look like a bordello. The next dad Brad pointed out that nowhere on the three walls was my name prominent and there was no exhibition statement. (the tags were hung below each photo in the SHADOW of the frame and the type tiny so they were unreadable. I pointed the missing name and statement out to Helmut and he suggested to send it over to Bob at WEAM and he would put it up. Please keep in mind that owner Naomi Witzig had called me "a has been". Below is my exhibition statement I wrote and hopefully they hung.

The Work Of Eric Kroll

Born for no reason, Kroll was raised in Westchester county, in the woods, in a mansion. He graduated from college with a degree in cultural anthropology and worked as a photojournalist for New York Times, Der Spiegel, Elle and others. At the same time (all the time) he photographed women.

This fine selection of Kroll photos was curated by Helmut Schuster and should be viewed as three phases of Kroll’s photographic work.

Phase 1 photos from his book “Sex Objects” (Addison House 1977) is considered a classic in photojournalism and Terry Richardson claims it is his favorite book (2007). Camera Arts magazine called it the “document of the decade”.

Phase 2 photographs from Fetish Girls (TASCHEN 1994). This book has sold over 200,000 copies and was used on the set of Tim Burton’s Batman as inspiration.

Phase 3 these photographs date to the present.  “I take the same photograph I took in 1969…slightly humorous, slightly surreal or absurd, always erotic. It is my sense of what is erotic. These are portraits of me on the red wall. I worked with the famous Korean video artist Nam June Paik. He taught me not to take this or anything else VERY seriously.”

The photos are mostly limited edition vintage prints, signed and numbered on the back… many printed by me and are for sale. Please inquire.

Eric Kroll, has been and continues to be, grateful to Naomi Wilzig.

Naomi had justified charging $15 the nite of the reception because she was putting out a nice spread. I don't think the food was touched. Just before closing I was notified my "friend" Reptile was outside hoping to get in for free. I went to the front and there was a leather clad skinhead with a band of metal beads attached to his crown and a too thin girlfriend. I got them in after he made refeerence to my "doorknob" photo of my friend Ivy. He explained the last time he had seen Ivy she was pregnant and where they were that day someone died!
In one of Brukowski's bks he talks about stopping at a bar for a drink and inside were a motor cycle gang and he remarked how little he liked motor cycle gangs and then someone in the gang recognized him and they all surrounded him saying he was there favorite writer and, instead of being left alone, was mobbed by people he didn't respect.
The same is the case for me and goth or fetish people. I enjoy making erotic photos that turn me on using symbols or things that are also considered `fetish' but the `scene' is not interesting to me.

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