Sunday, May 19, 2013 lead me to which lead me to

write about where I go. I stopped going to and watching movies about 8 months ago. Now I tumblr. I'm a picker, a collector and I've added collecting interesting images on tumblr. damn someone else is doing all the work. It's the best desert since I stopped believing (following) baseball as a kid. Today I visited/borrowed from Cystal:

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My name is Crystal, I'm 15 and I'm from India. I live in America and I hate the city I live in, soon I will be moving either back to India or somewhere in the Uk. Message me I don't bite

every tumblr site has the ask me anything thing and most have archive. if you like it go to the `archive' and feed. then look b-low the image for who sourced it and click on that and that brings you to a neigboring world. I found

Sara from Crystal.

Taken at the age of 16, so unfair. I hope you're looking over all of us, knowing how much we all miss you, and seeing how much of an inspiration you are. You're beautiful Sara! Always remembered, forever loved and never forgotten.

below are images from both tumblrs

the sites are by all age groups and interests:

Ted V. Mikels 1964 nutie-cutie DR. SEX, co-written with M.A.S.H. star Wayne Rodgers

Alexis Smith.

I have to go now 2 obsess and beyond. enjoy

Monday, May 6, 2013

I slept with one hundred truckers

After mermaids in Miami and Todd Hido on the Paramount Lot (LA) I couldn't get further than Desert Center, an exit off Interstate 10. The place used to have an all nite cafe and a gas station. Both are now closed, and having no money, I pulled my red Echo off the road down from the cafe and set the seat back and fell deep asleep only to be woken by the drumm of a semi truck's motor...then head lights in my mirror of yet another 18 wheeler till I was well surrounded by dozing truckers. By the time I woke 6 hrs later they were all gone.
I went to a hearing in the Federal Court House on May 1. I had my letter from my tax accountant describing how I make my living- dealing photos. A letter from Terry Etherton of Etherton gallery stating they sold parts of my collection in the previous year (Weegee, etc.) And a letter from Katy Awful explaining how she and I met and how we worked together with no money in mind. I figured because of all my evidence my case would be dismissed (commercial photography without a National Park permit). Instead after 2 hours I met with a prosecutor and when I went to give my rap he said I had two the $500 fine or go to trial. I'm going to trail but I must admit I don't know the lawyer lingo but if I want a lawyer its going to cost me one of my valued photos (Jagger ,etc) At the same hearing was a single mother who had aNational Park ticket of $900 for not having proof of her car insurance even though she had insurance just not her card! They told her they would reduce the fine in half or she could go to trial. The $450 would mean a loss of 1/4 of her monthly income!
Federal marshalls take no prisoners.

the Brenna and Russ wedding

In the late afternoon of May 1, hours after my Federal court nitemare hearing, I shot Brenna and Russ' beautiful wedding

naturally the blushing bride, Breena and her daughter, Anastasia arrived promptly (late). Early to arrive was Breena's paternal Uncle George who was to officate.

and Leah who was to do a blessing

Russ, the groom was there by the time I got there.

then Ms. B arrived

held at the El Tiradito Shrine in Barrio Viejo

 behind El Minuito restaurant.

 Brenna's daughter nine year old daughter, Anastasia Jones, sang a song

and carried a single candle.

Then the vows and blessings

when it was Russ' turn to say his wedding vows and admitted he didn't realize he'd be holding a mike and figured he'd best edit out certain parts. That brought a good giggle.

beautiful Breena's reaction

then it was her words

someone had drawn in the earth

and the crowd reaction

the flower girls enjoying a giggle

Breena's paternal Uncle George did a blessing (or two)

After the ceremony everyone was invited to write something and stick it in the wall and to lite a candle. Just as the sun was setting to the west.

then the bride and groom and friends and children rode their bikeds over to Solar Culture on Toole for dinner (fifty fed a brilliant buffet of organic delicious food. Salvadore Duran played music and toasts were made. I was exhauisted and skipped the party next door for many friends. As I was leaving I noticed the beautiful bride doing the dishes.

 I thought of Gandhi and asked why and she told me the dishes were being picked up at ten.