Sunday, May 19, 2013 lead me to which lead me to

write about where I go. I stopped going to and watching movies about 8 months ago. Now I tumblr. I'm a picker, a collector and I've added collecting interesting images on tumblr. damn someone else is doing all the work. It's the best desert since I stopped believing (following) baseball as a kid. Today I visited/borrowed from Cystal:

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My name is Crystal, I'm 15 and I'm from India. I live in America and I hate the city I live in, soon I will be moving either back to India or somewhere in the Uk. Message me I don't bite

every tumblr site has the ask me anything thing and most have archive. if you like it go to the `archive' and feed. then look b-low the image for who sourced it and click on that and that brings you to a neigboring world. I found

Sara from Crystal.

Taken at the age of 16, so unfair. I hope you're looking over all of us, knowing how much we all miss you, and seeing how much of an inspiration you are. You're beautiful Sara! Always remembered, forever loved and never forgotten.

below are images from both tumblrs

the sites are by all age groups and interests:

Ted V. Mikels 1964 nutie-cutie DR. SEX, co-written with M.A.S.H. star Wayne Rodgers

Alexis Smith.

I have to go now 2 obsess and beyond. enjoy

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