Friday, June 28, 2013

On The Road ...again

I'm in Ely, Nevada staying for $35 a nite at the White Pines Motel down the road from the Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall. It's 12:45 am and I just heard the blast of four more shotgun or rifles and some animal is getting killed. I've been here 3 days shooting the Pony Express and Stephanie, accompanied by her boyfriend Patrick.
I had been in Austin, Nevada shooting Barbara and Ali at dawn transferring the mail bag from one saddle to another 14 miles from any town  at dawn.

I had met Jessi working behind the counter at the gas station convenient store. She was 18 and had turquoise streaks in her hair and freckles on her face.
I shot her accompanied by Cameron whom I shot the nite before while he worked at the local diner.
When we met at the International hotel we were served breakfast by the waitress I had shot the day before. I was in a one horse town and within two days I knew the main players.

I got back on highway 50 (In July 1986 Life magazine called it the "loneliest road in America") and arrived in Ely and met Stephanie who worked at the Evergreen soda counter, had turquoise streaks in her hair and freckles across her face and along her shoulders. She turns 18 in two days!

This road is lonely just the way I like it.

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  1. I dig those turquoise streaks. Freckles are exceptional. I love those little one-horse Nevada burgs. Lots of great stories to tell there.