Friday, June 14, 2013

When Gail went away (to Germany) I began to play (in her backyard)

When I shot Brenna and Russ' wedding I noticed the women. strong with desert in their expression and color in their clothes. Over wedding nite supper Sophie sat down and I told her I had use of thishouse in the Sam Hughes district so people wouldn't have to travel 45 minutes to get to where I live I told her I wanted to shoot her as she was - not naked, not with me directing but rather me trying to capture the person she was. She thought a photo session was a good idea since she was moving to a little town north of San Francisco after living in Tucson and raising children for over 13 yrs! I had seen her dance flamenco on stage at Congress and was attracted to her spirit. A friend noticed my interest and claimed she'd never pose. Four years later, as the west light was fading (as I knew it would) we shot. The golden late afternoon lite and the Sauza tequila brought out her smile and the rest was dance.

I shot entirely with film using Gail's borrowed Nikon with a busted lens that won't go past f 11 and a Rollei and Hasslebad that act like neglected lovers or. at least, I had to relearn each body's 

Sophie did in fact move away but maybe I'll see her in a few days. I'm in Denny's in Kettleman City, Ca off Interstate 5 on my way to Helena and Laurant's wedding in Bernal Heights (San Francisco) tomorrow.

more 2 follow of Nadine, Dia, Bob, Jim, and Naim not to mention Jennifer and Jim Nitzel

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