Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The first time I saw Dia I was with David Segiel. I thought she was the earth mother. She radiated sensuality without attempting to. I no longer see David and it took a long time to photograph, but she is worth the wait. I'm acquainted with her long time boyfriend, filmmaker Andrew and when I first approached Dia, he told me he had heard bad things about me. Later he said he made that up...he simply didn't want me to photograph her.
Then I went to her masked biorthday party where Robert Villa played his violin over her b cake and her dad danced all nite. I wanted her in my Tucson women series and finally she came- exhausted but there.
There had been a recent sadness in her family and it showed. The tequila helped. But the sun also sets and she and Andrew were on their way to Hawaii for a month. It helped that the late afternoon I shot, Robert Villa,her friend and neighbor, was also there with his pet rattlers.

Try and see what I could/can see.

Dia in the white dress

Dia in the gold dress

people react to being photographed and I can't get the unblocked photo. the model, ie is too much aware of my camera. Maybe after years I will get her so accustomed to me shooting her she will be unaffected. Mostly I felt like I was holding back a whild horse who only wanted to horse around and be light.

I wanted something else and I'm certain I haven't gotten it yet. Perhaps hints of her beauty, but not full on.

Dia in the black dress

its my party and if one is tired of Dia In A Black Dress one can slip this series

obladi oblada life goes on, brah!

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