Friday, July 12, 2013

Our physical resemblance to Lee Marvin since my move to Tucson in 2009

The brilliant athelete and artist who carries a long and sharp lens took these shots of me at Morgan's yrdsale. He called them his "Lee Marvins". Then I go these shots from my daughters Willa and Leah. The resemblance is astounding.

(Jim said he liked this one because of the lime) Me?

me and beautiful Heather by scary talented Jim Reed

Willa who-just-got-hired for a cool job and Leah who is. They live 3 blocks apart in Brooklyn. How could a father b more proud

Leah in the middle and Ivy on her left. Leah and Ivy do everything together since they could crawl.

Leah by Willa (how did she do that)

This morning 

My waking dream was : I was with Weegee aka Arthur Fellig and I was on assignment to do his portrait so I hung with him in seedy bars and on crowded 1940’s streets.
And when I asked him to pose, I’d, invariably, have tech problems with my Nikon and he would get (understandably) annoyed as I was delaying the rhythm of his day, as he was always moving, always pontificating, always talking to people on the street as though he knew them.
One time I wanted to do his profile in the fading green light (after all, it was a dream) playing off his ragged tweedy mid section and I missed the moment he gave me in profile.
I remember he told me ALL relationships with women were a negotiation. A deal was made. You gave her what she wanted and, in exchange, she gave you what you wanted. I woke up to the crack of Dawn and made myself type this in bed.

then I got up and made coffee and checked my txt messages and had gotten a morning txt from my friend Carl Hanni:

check out Daily Star. Doing crime scene photography. I could so see you doing that. Become Tucson's Weegee. Want to be a crime scene photographer? Cops are hiring five of them

wow syncronicity

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