Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tarantula Hawk Wasp or why I want Robert Anthony Villa near me.

I went with Mike the cactus man to Sabino Canyon National Forest to get a permit to look for wood up on Mt. Lemon but they weren't issuing permits till Sept./Oct. so I suggested we go to Aqua Calients Park. Walking around the dryed up beds I had to duck from a huge huge wasp. Mike said it was a tarantula hawk wasp that stings a tarantula and drags it back to its lair and lays a single egg on its back then puts a stone over the burial hole and the tarantula provides food for the baby. wow. I followed it in circles then later read how painful its bite is, though it rarely stings a human. It's venomous stinger is 1/3" long!

the park

Mike after losing weight (bastardo)

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