Friday, July 26, 2013

The Most Beautiful Woman in the San Francisco Bay area got married and I swear I felt a tremor when they tied the knot

To me, the minute I saw Helena (many years ago now) I felt I was watching the actress Capucine

 from "Walk On The Wild Side" with a baby Jane Fonda and Lawrence Harvey. She has never stopped capturing my imagination and my camera. I've seen her get hurt then angry in a daylite Kingman, Arizona bar,  I watched her appear to be swimming with the sharks at the Golden Nugget in Vegas, and cry at the end of FRESH when the boy knows he will never see his dad, played by Samuel Jackson, whose a chess player in Washington sq park and I've heard her laugh almost everywhere we have been together.
It is hard to let go of a muse because she lives mainly in my imagination. But she met her soul mate and he IS the perfect guy for her. She is finally becoming the woman I thought she was the first time I saw her.

"Helena Is Special"

homage to a B.B. movie moment where B.B. is on a ladder looking for a bk

"Men Are Pigs" (based on an early english story with drawings). These two ModelMayhem beauties were being shot by my SF friend Brian Sullivan at a fancey Japanese modern/traditional downtown hotel. They greeted me at the door of the room they were shooting in NAKED except for high heels. Some San Francisco moments I won't forgive or forget.

two photos by my friend John Running in his studio up in Flagstaff, Az

Helena in Vegas at the Golden Nugget

more recently in her loft in Oakland

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