Monday, July 1, 2013

When I was fifteen years old I went To Stonehenge

And there were no fences. We got to roam among the standing stones. When I went back at 17 you couldn't. I have sought out Petroglyphs my whole adult life and I've never been able to walk right up to one of the standing ocre figures until yesterday. I want to go back and camp there and with the permission of the Gods, do some Kroll fasion. I can only write that it is west of the Colorado and East of the Eagan mountain range of White Pine county. There is shelter from a ghost town. Otherwise there is NO disturbance and I want to preserve this in time. There were other lookers like me but respectful. No trash and no trash receptacles. The canyon is a diamond.

I liked that ranchers were still using the canyon as a working horse thingie.

One summer month when after I transferred from Bard College to Unioversity of Colorado to study deeper cultural anthropology I did a month of training in archeology at Mesa Verde National Park with David Alan Berkernitz. I remember they took us  for a break to Chaco Canyon and brought us to the  archeological dumps from past digs where we could search for Mimbres pottery and tourquise. They taught us to look at ant hills because the ants would mine for the tourquoise.
In the same canyon is a fine ghost town with mud and stone structures to stay dry in the rain.

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