Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who What When on my trip back from San Francisco to Tucson

When I shot Stephanie with the turqouise streaks in her hair I suggested we shoot at the swimming hole in McGill. Patrick, her friend frowned on that. He said he'd show me the river. Not right. I then suggested an abandoned railroad car. He took me to wear he and his friends hang out. Her changing room was one of the cars. I'd give her an outfit and drive down the line and Patrick would text me and I'd put my car in reverse and drive back parallel to the railroad car they were in.

When she put on the white Prada dress I mentioned "God's Little Acre".

I check the hand outs when i travel and found a listing for an antique place in Gardenville, Nevada west of Lake Taho south and south of Carson City. That's when I found the cowboy's cafe. Inside were all the cool kids cowboy gear and the food was excellent.

Cowboy’s cafĂ©
1679 hwy 395
minden, Nevada

Before I left Tucson I bfasted with Heather at my fav El Salvadore restaurant at the swapmeet at Dexler and Mission. No one has her presence in my mind.

When I was in San Francisco to be at Helena and Laurant's wedding I stayed with different friends. I stayed with David Lubin in Oakland whom I have known since 1969 in Taos. He's always been a dedicated artist whether writing a play, making clay sculptures or painting oils or watercolors. He chooses simplicity (austerity) in a different way than I do and we enjoy greatly to discuss art and old friends.

I do the same. I sleep in a big bed and use the space the width of my shoulders but unlike David, I cluster the rest of my bed with magazines and books and negatives and transparencies.

note the proximity of his two portfolios to where he sleeps

I felt like Alexander Lieberman who did the definitive artist's studio book and included Monet, etc.

Our dear friends Louie and Kitty came in from Pt. Reyes and Louie played photography while David and Kitty talked in David's kitchen

After they left and b4 I left David made us dinner. Like other of my firends like Steve Romaniello and Gail - my friend can cook and the presentation is the best.

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