Saturday, August 31, 2013

Robert Villa leads me to Mark A. Dimmittland

Robert is my nature guide along with Mike the cactus man. I followed him west until we were driving on dirt and kicking up dust. Mark was somewhere else and Robert was watering. a wonderland of shapes and colors. A rattlesnake skin, some picked figs and freshly grown watermelon.

some Tillandsia.ehlersiana

a Tillandsia duratti similar to what I brought home and am trying to revive

portrait of Robert Villa

a quiet moment in a quiet corner


Robert happy amongest plants

the question is is Robert like `Rapacchini’s Daughter' (raised on poisonous plants and if made love to, will kill or die...I forget which (Nathaniel Hawthorne's fine short story I read for Bud Stillman in 11th grade Scarborough school ...Scarborough, NY 1962)

self portrait

Tillandsia usneoides (l)  Tillandsia funkiana (r)






I haven't met Mark as yet but I know he edited or wrote THE important bk on cactus and succulents and worked as the Director of Natural History, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Friday, August 30, 2013

If Helena makes me think of Capucine, then Dia is the personification of a young Monica Vitti

Heather Gray and I watched Antonioni's L'Eclipse and it was Heather who pointed out how much Dia had facial feathers similar to Vitti.

with Alain Delon

I own this print which I got from my friend/dealer Jon Schwartz while sleeping on his couch in Santa Monica.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen... the Paladins!

Jim Reed snuck me into El Casino Ballroom while Bruce Halper, the infamous lounge lizard, was sneaking him in and I knew nothing and expected nothing as people my age milled around the bar. After a duo I didn't care 4,  guitarist Dave Gonzalez, double bass Thomas Yearsley and drummer came on and torn a new asshole in the club. Or at least gave me strength. They NEVER stopped for two hours. I could have drunk the sweat off Dave's shirt he was so unrelenting in his beautiful grind and I thought Thomas was on her way to dying and the crowd of aldstered ROCKED. Joy to behold. I prayed it would never end. Towards the end greaser Bob Corrifore guested on harp and the smiles doubled. One of the best live shows ever 4 me and I had been to the Academy of Music on 14th to hear the Stones in '63, the Cramps in Paris in the early 1980's.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wild Life In Tucson, Arizona

One day, earlier last month, I went west out of town on Ironweed to visit my friend Bob Campbell.

Upham's Living Desert is a stone community with a pool and limping old javelinas that rest in the shade of Bob's porch. I found them charming. The community was built over the last fifty years one builind at a time. Ah, Tucson!

I couldn't stay long. Tried on a hat and left.

Went across town to my new best friend Jim Reed 

whose always open and vegan. One out of two isn't bad.

 Visiting Jim you never know where he might appear- from his studio, from his pool, from his house. He came tip toeing out from behind a bush saying a bobcat cub was napping on his short porch next to his bed.

Then Leah and Hallie came and since Hallie has a master's from Harvard in architecture I thought they should know Darren and Gary and their house on Sampson st.

That was my stetson till my fashionista daughter came to town. But then again the hat Jim is always wearing was mine 2 till he realized it fit his head!

(misshappened Jim at the Sunday flea)

I wanted very much for H & L to see the backyard...their schway.

As we strolled about, Gary told me about Flora, their new edition to their backyard family. A Solcata tortoise from Southern Sudan, she is due to grow to twice the size.

I've been watering my friend Alan B. Goldstein plants over up Swan and one nite I came face to face with a foot in diameter Aphonopelma chalcodes aka an "Arizona blonde" (male). very sexy. Last year I had the pleasure of one cross my afternoon nap bed and I remember one August, after a monsoon storm, finding dozens of black taranchulas on the 12th green, and once I picked up this girl and she and her friend came back to my place and I tied her to a hospital gurney and placed a newly demised taranchula on her pretty face. Consenual of course.

When I was arranging the breakfast shingdig for Leah and Hallie to be held at Jim Reed's pool I wanted mermaid lounging at the bottom of his cool pool. I happen to wander into La Fashionista, a new vintage and more shop next to my friends at Atlas framing on 6th Avenue. Eleanor Leon and I became fast friends and she suggested her friend, Debbie's, 14 yr old aspiring model daughter, Angel Carrillo! Soon enough Jim Reed and I were shooting in a double wide trailer off Orange Grove. One of my friend's was horrified and convinced I would be taking advantage of the young miss.

It was fabulous, surreal and wonderful. Eleanor styled using my props, her son Emmanuel L. Spiro sat on the couch knitting and later, using my camera to take photos at the pool. Angel's live-in 16 yr old skater boarder boyfriend, Angel's dad arrived about an hour into the shoot, Angel's grandmom who suffers from dementia but not enough not to enjoy Jim's nearness and Debbie, Eleanor's very helpful, mom.

Angel waiting through a busy signal

I have a new friend that sits at the same cafe I do and looks for gold using a divining ball hanging from a chain that spins (sometimes and 2 different degrees). When I told him I had been doing a story down in Florida on mermaids he got very serious and asked "The real ones?"