Saturday, August 31, 2013

Robert Villa leads me to Mark A. Dimmittland

Robert is my nature guide along with Mike the cactus man. I followed him west until we were driving on dirt and kicking up dust. Mark was somewhere else and Robert was watering. a wonderland of shapes and colors. A rattlesnake skin, some picked figs and freshly grown watermelon.

some Tillandsia.ehlersiana

a Tillandsia duratti similar to what I brought home and am trying to revive

portrait of Robert Villa

a quiet moment in a quiet corner


Robert happy amongest plants

the question is is Robert like `Rapacchini’s Daughter' (raised on poisonous plants and if made love to, will kill or die...I forget which (Nathaniel Hawthorne's fine short story I read for Bud Stillman in 11th grade Scarborough school ...Scarborough, NY 1962)

self portrait

Tillandsia usneoides (l)  Tillandsia funkiana (r)






I haven't met Mark as yet but I know he edited or wrote THE important bk on cactus and succulents and worked as the Director of Natural History, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

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