Sunday, September 1, 2013

Simple Pleasures

Last week, youngest daughter, Willa's,  celebrated her 25th birthday in Brooklyn. She cooked dinner for 15 friends.
(Willa on far left, Melanie, Sogoal,  Nina)

 I remember my 25th birthday. I had it in my loft on 29th st Manhattan, above the Old Garden restaurant. I recall the group photograph taken that nite. I still talk regularly or email regularly with, at least, half of them.
I fear the thinking on Syria and that it might lead to our armed intervention based once again on our "intelligence".  Aggression, in the name of `right' is wrong.

I went to hear Salvador Duran on the patio at Hotel Congress and there was a couple dancing with such passion and beauty it made me think of the first time I saw the photographs of Isabel Munoz.

I was in Milan and for the second time in my life I tried to view Michelango's Last Supper and for the second time I was told ALL tours were sold out. Furious, I told the ticket office I would wait for a cancellation. They told me to come back in a hour and I would get on a tour. I went to find money and stumbled across an exhibition at the bank of the work of Isabel Munoz, a Spaniard from Barcelona. Year later I was editing with Dian Hanson, TASCHEN's New Erotic Photography and I wanted to include Isabel's work. We corresponded by email and on the phone but in the end Taschen and Hanson didn't agree Munoz fit.

I love her work and again got lucky and was in LA recently on the last day of an exhibition of her work at Bergamot Station.

the great thing is, when the dance was over, they were their separate ways!

If I am not at home I am visiting Jim Reed's pool. The feeling it totally unique in Tucson. Secluded desert with design and water. perfect for a snorer like me.

I did my weekly run to Catalina's Golden Goose thrift shop and bought the two underwater cameras they had and took them to Monumnet camera on Ft. Lowell near Oracle. One, I was told, is garage and the other is the best underwater camera made for the price. I am using it in this pool but haven';t developed anything from it.

I paid off, in excess of $5,500, a debt to my Home association, through Brown Law Group. Every month I had to drive to Magee and pay and if I didn't I got a nasty letter from P. Brown. I won't miss that itch.

Thursday nite I got a call from Darren inviitng me to a volka party he and Gary were giving on Sampson st. I brought Jim as my date. A refined blonde raised by parents that were Hari Kristna had just bought a house and, of course, Jim had once owned it. Another very attractive female who had run from NYC turned out to be a subject Jim was almost hired to do a portrait of based on his debutante series (Uncanny Valley). I concentrated on another bird type that Gary let fly free and they choose to roost inside his tv room.

I have an unspoken link to Gary's dog. He waits till no one is looking and follows me into the piano lounge and we do riske photos.

Those two are so much the aestete that even their garbage is photogenic.

I went to see Nadine's David on the patio at Hotel Congress. He was preceded by a transformed Amy Rude singing acoustic guitar PREGNANT. No more hard country rock. But the hesitated cracked country smile remains. I will never forget Carl Hanni taking me to her cottage on Vicky, the violinist's birthday and the seed of Tucson musice was there jamming in her livingroom with Amy on piano. That nite I met Niam Amor for the first time and we yacked about mututal friends in the kitchen until he opened his guitar and disappeared into the livingroom.

Denny's after midnite

me, Cliff, and Jim took a Denny's meeting

r we talking body language. so embraceable

our waitress showed us how she uses her mustache tattoo

then onto Frank and Francesca's on Pima ("Elegant Dining Elsewhere")

that monring there was a fabulous fashion woman

They hang my 2012 calendar on the back wall. I REALLY like that

Cozi, Gail Marcus Orlen's son, came to town from LA for his 10th high school reunion from Tucson High.

We three went downtown and visited the patio of the Congress Hotel and ran into Marcy MIranda Janes and her artist husband, Martin. He is in an exhibition opening Sept. 7th at YAYBIG Gallery. She is at Contreras Gallery in April , 2014.

Marcy's mom is ill and Marcy has had some body work done to her lower arm to help her in her recovery.

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