Saturday, September 21, 2013

The sailor and the mermaid

when I transferred to University of Colorado from Bard College I again found a roving poker game and would immediatley lose the $300 a month my parents would send me. I had to work after class and I did yard work and cleaned pools.
Once, approaching this mansion I worked at, off Broadway, I found on the ground, a water- soaked drugstore color snapshot of a memaid.

I knew the owner kept hidden cameras around his pool so I snuck a look when the people were gone and I was supposed to be cleaning the pool. Below are the fotos I found. Did David Foster Wallace really lend her  his Madonna's SEX bk?  I can understand the gas mask BUT...this is Boulder not Cleveland and its 1968 not 1997.

offering her some canned tuna, he...

startled her but her curiosity brought her back to him and soon...

they were kissing

Her kisses beckoned him into the pool

they frolicked on the surface

and then she took him deeper...deeper than he should have gone but love can do that

he needed to rid himself of his uniform

(note cupid's arrows all around them)

he sought her fertility organ but alas

he began to move back to the water's surface to catch his breathe but she...

wanted him FOREVER


As the sailor was entering her world they seemed to look into the camera. the transition would be simple

and complete

ediotr note: sometimes - 40 years later -living in Tucson when I come downtown I think I see them at Hotel Congress...but how could that be! 

why does this make me think of a shark or a bomb

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