Saturday, October 5, 2013

Al Foul...tough enough

First the Paladins and now AL FOUL. Damn the best show possible. Nadine (whom I miss terribly now that she is on the road to fame and hip hop)

did a video for Pork Torta

 and Lucas Moseley

, the drummer, 

had a party for it's premiere showing at the factory he lives in with Summer. After Pork Torta played (Serge (Danny Walker)

and Ian McDaniel)

Al Foul.

 I had this roadhouse legend reaction to him b4 he starting to slam his guitar into beautiufl music accompanied by my friend Naim Amor. 

(ps Lucas and Danny were the first two new people I met after moving to Tucson permanently. They unloaded me. I met them through Danny Vinik and Naim I met early on introduced by Carl Hanni. Basically, I was in a room filled with old friends)

The gril next to me. I asked her how she knew of Al and she said he played her 6th birthday party!

after I was hanging around the rat roulette table outside and Al was there having a cigarette and I asked him to pose for a photo.

A month later Carl Hanni told me a bit about the history of Foul. He used to play around here alot but he's popular in Europe and goes over there. I heard he has a fab vintage car- the "tequila taxi" but I never seen it. I bet him and Robert Williams, the painter, and Coop, the artist, would get along well.

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