Wednesday, October 16, 2013

People might wonder what I do in the Ventana foothills

I am trying to understand and preserve a vast collection of girlie material from the 1960's to the present (my own work). Below are deteriorating 4x5 black and white negatives of Jackie Miller (curly haired) and Pauline that were shot in the early 1960's -perhaps by Lenny Burtman (publisher of Exotique magazine) or Sam Menning (bf for awhile to Bettie Page in NYC). I bought them from a phone call in the mid ninties from Whitney Ward, photographer and wife of artist, Joe Coleman. She warned me that the Chelsea Comic store in the Chelsea hotel had some rare material in its basement that the fire department was going to condemn. I went immediately from my studio on 28th st and Park Avenue to 23rd and 8th avenue to the flooded basement and saw that the scattered material was Mishkin mafia softcore porn and bought it ALL. Twenty years later, I am having these scanned and another million items catalogued and some scanned.
These images are similar to what Irving Klaw was doing at the same time across town in a corner building on 14th and second avenue (or third) but he was so paranoid about censorship that he would have his wrestling models (often Betty Page) wear two pairs of panties. Jackie is wearing only one. She is in Dian Hanson'd (TASCHEN) Big Book of Breasts. She has a following.
I like my work. The rewards are not in money but in priceless knowledge.


  1. Fantastic images, glad they weren't lost. Do you use a commercial service for scanning 4x5 B&W negs? Are they drum scanned?

  2. Hi, Eric. FYI: Sam Menning was Bettie Page's friend, but never her boyfriend. Sam was adamant about that when he was interviewed by Mark Mori.

    BTW... Jackie Miller is alive and well.

  3. Is this the full set or are there more phots available. Amazing female fighting photos shoots to make any wrestling fetishist very happy!