Friday, October 11, 2013

the Circus is in town

Fall season in Tucson is crazy busy and I like it. Last night Brett's Bug Burlesque (October 10th) at the Puppets Amongus Playhouse 657 W. Saint Mary's. " Bugs, bugs, and more  bugs!! This all ages event celebrates the creepy crawlies, the indispensable insects and the acrobatic arachids! A fantastic flea circus, a sadistic scorpion handler, and beautiful girls aplenty. Singing, dancing, magic, and poetry, all in honor of the lowly bug, and all under one roof! Come one, come all! If you are afraid of bugs this might be just what you need, but if you love 'm then we need YOU there!
Dr. (something) Steve wore bugs

then kept amping the pain. a mouse trap on one hand, a metal trap on his other and a rat trap on his TONGUE. Boy ...does he know how to have fun!

But the flea experience started with Brett and here he is with his son shooting off a flea into his MOUTH! brilliant. fearless.

But I was there for Brenna Bean, a truly poor fine artist performer. I have never seen anything that she does that doesn't involve beauty and humor. She needs and would do incredible things with the Buffalo Exchange Contribution to the Arts Award, a $10,000 cash award given yearly to a local artist. Unfortunately one can't apply.  Kersten Block and others involved in the selection process are probably unaware of such a fringe artist. Below is her 
"The Butterfly".

but the scariest creature was a black bat named Anastacia.

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