Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Betsey Johnson IS Tucson Fashion Week

She was spectacular. When we spoke together she grabbed not held my hand. She did a cartwheel. She did a split. And she reminded me of what great design IS. I asked my designer daughter Leah

how I should do Betsey's portrait and told me to find an alley cat...that that was her early period which Leah loved. No such time. But her clothes! I remember buying my wife (a lifetime ago) a gold Betsey Johnson dress. The thought of it still turns me on!

Paula Taylor (on the left holding her clipboard)

was brilliant and even more brilliant then she 

usually is doing SO much to make this day happen from finding the models, inviting Betsey, having Edith Head (aka Susan Claassen)

there even though she

 has been dead for sometime.

In the front entrance to the Tucson Museum of Art various designers had tableaux featuring their work. Betsey was to go around and pick the "best of". She gave "Betsey's choice award" to Magnetic Threads.

designer Meggan Connally with one of her creations

Meggan being interviewed. She happens to be the step daughter of the great Jake LaMotta, still looking fit and western.

My personal favorite was down home designer Eleanor Leon with her La Fashionista. Truuly southwestern with Marcus on ukulele and the sod dust and hay and her son and Angel and and. Visit her shop at 45 s. 6th avenue next to the Atlas frame and gallery shop.

designer Eleonor Leon in black

that presentation rocked

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