Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The auction to benefit Lillian Batts

Beautifully sad and glad it went so well. Dave Naz, my host in west Hollywood, made giant steps to collect, list and help sell the many pieces of art...because Carlos Batts was so loved. Thanks have to also go out to Rick Castro, artist and owner of Antellbellum gallery that held the one nite affair on North Palmas, just off Hollywood blvd. Also we are all grateful to Victor and Susanne Lightworship for helping to take down the art after all the fun was done.

Rick Castro, Lillian Batts, Dave Naz

Susanne and Victor Lightworship

Below a list of the artists:

Estevan Oriol
Patrick Hoelck
Roger Gastman
Shepard Fairey
Chris Haston
Steve Diet Goedde
Octavio Winkytiki
Eric Minh Swenson
Ed Fox
Eric Kroll
Chas Ray Krider
Cynthia Paterson
Rick Castro
Bob Coulter
Tera Patrick
Emma Escamilla
Buck Angel
Dennis McGrath
Nina Hartley
Robert Vargas
Michael Delahaut
Rae Threat
Ramzi Abed
Kimberly Kane
Jim Caron
Carlos Batts


PayPay email address:
Donations can be directly sent to Bank of America account:
Angelica Centeno
3250 3004 6353

When I go to these sort of things I like to sit in one place and watch the `traffic'. I do the same at a Terry Etherton Gallery opening. I sit behind my friend and dj, Carl Hanni. At `play' parties in Hollywood, I find my spot away from the crowd and engage there. So at the auction I sat outside and conversed with out and new friends.

Several nights before the Nov. 15th auction I went to dinner at Cynthia Patterson and Andy's house in the Pasedena hills. She cooked delicious pasta and we talked and laughed and looked. I came across her shooting scripts 

(she's the art director for Taboo magazine) with rough sketches and hand written notes. I began to read them as poetry and realized I wanted to do a reading at the auction accompanied by bongos and go go. Cynthia said she'd handle the bongos and she did all in black. At the opening I came across Aiden Starr (next to Leah, my oldest daughter at King Noodle)

whom I had dined with in Brooklyn the month before. I was flirted upon shamelessly by Courtney Trouble

 and invited the two ladies to kindly disrobe and be the "brass" section `playing' Dave's trumpet. Naturally, I invited Lillian (she went to striptease school) to handle the floor. The event was to be over at 9pm and at 8:30pm I announced that I felt, in honor of Carlos and Lillian, there should be sex. 

image by Victor Lightworship

Coop captures the nite

The crowd fell silent and I read from Cynthia's sketches while Cynthia punctuated the nite with her bongos

 (courtesy of the LA stand up comedian, Cozi Orlen) and the two blondes went on display and Lillian, half sad, half glad oozed across the scene.
In short order it was done. Dave made a vimeo: https//vimeo.com79717723

Clean up followed then the Bright Spot. When I was young in New York and living in Bruce Davidson's old 12th st garret I met three young ladies in Central Park on Sunday and invited them to my skylight apartment. One had rbight red hair, one was blonde and the three a brunette. At the Bright Spot, forty years later, I insisted for one shot that blonde Beatrice Neumann, black haired Ori Small and red head Lillian sit next to each other.

outside Dave used his phone

 I won't forget either moment.

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