Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time To Give Thanks

my good and old friend from Bard College Carl Simring (on the left talking with my old friend from Panama and beyond, Willard Morgan)

turned me onto the Ross sisters. absolutely amazing. make certain you watch till the end.

My visit to New York City included my 67th birthday and I got my old friend and brother-in-law, Joel Stern

, to house the party. Here he is listening to beautiful Whitney Ward (photographer and wife of Joe Coleman) explain that she had come to his apartment the nite before and found two men playing cards and turned around and left.

ok left to right. Willard Morgan I met through Peter Crown over forty years ago. He owns Ideal Glass gallery on 2nd st and is a fine performer.

Here he is on piano with Katy Gierlach (also in NYC at the time) swinging above at Ideal Glass.
Willa is my youngest daughter teaching in the south bronx and living in Brooklyn. She brings me joy and cheesecake.

a couple of nights b4 we met friends and sisters at King Noodle in Brooklyn and my friend from Sf and LA, Adrianna and Willa had similar p coats and haircuts. What gives?

Joel father of my god daughter Zoe and my nephew Andrew who just had his first child with Melissa, Simone Rose who slept the entire time I was in Manhattan!
Joe Coleman, fine painter and married to Whitney. They have the Museom of Oddities in Brooklyn which I lk forward to seeing. We have done some semi serious drinking together in SF and Manhattan. Once at Anna Noelle Rockwell's wedding to Rob, Joe stepped forward to address the well wishers with Bible in hand, wearing formal tails and a pronounced upturned mustache and opened his Bible  and flames flew out!!

Here he sits with Les Barany, my old friend I met through Annie Sprinkle in the 1980's. Les has done more for young edge artists in NY then anyone else.

Charlie Steiner, fantastic photographer/videographer whom I met in 1971 as close friend of my other NY photographer friend, David Haas. Charlie has done numerous trips to India to video a music fest. He is now busy editing. Should take a lifetime. (in blue with me and David Haas)

Gail Marcus-Orlen. my close companion whom I spend most of my time with when not spending it with myself. Married to the poet Steve Orlen for 42 years, she's a painter who paints most days behind her house in a turpentine house.


works in production and on vespas and on Leah (they r in a relationship). He's from Lexington. Kentucky and they go down there for Christmas.

Davdi Haas

I met my wife, Lynka in David's 86th st studio/apt. in 1976. He was dong a test with her and she was beautiful, a Zoli model and, I think,  fell in love on the spot. I took her to Un, Deux, Tois on w. 43rd st and talked about Willie Mays and marriage. I met David in the early '70's in a hamburgas place in Panahachel, Guatamala. He had a girlfirend and a camera and we started to talk. I'm from NY. I'm from NY! I'm a photographer. I'm a photographer! I live on 10th st. I live on 12 th st! He's been to many of my 67 birthday parties. He moved to Isreal but now he's back living in Riverside.


  1. My name is Saul Neinstein
    I am searching for a David Haas
    I met him in Lincoln Square synagogue and lost contact when he went to Israel.
    My brother Jay was going to Israel on the same plane
    I believe he is the one you have on this webpage

  2. Thank you, Eric. Nice photos I was not aware of, and for the nice compliment! - Les Barany