Saturday, January 18, 2014


besides the 8mm footage and music by Thy Odd Birds I will be exhibiting for Valentine's weekend images from the collection

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

101 Deer Kills...Watch Your Lane

that was a posted sign on a highway in Nevade a couple of months back.
I'm doing two exhibits over valentine's weekend.
 One is Betty Page photos and memorabilia from my extensive collection to be held at Eleanor Leon's La Fashionista at 45 S. 6th Ave.  There will b contests i.e. The Betty Page look alike contest, etc.
The other is entitled "Unattainable" and will be held at Exploded View Micro cinema 197 E. Toole. Tucson. This is a crazy unique collection (evidence) of one man's obsession with women's hair. It will include original 8 mm footage shot in the early 1960's in Washington sq park in lower Manhattan of unsuspecting long haired women listing to folk music. and more.
and now for some images:

Luh in '07 in Paris.

She approached me at a bksigning saying she wasn't going to leave my side until I shot her. For some reason it took me days. She'd introduce me to her photog friends like Romain Slocombe

 author of "Broken Dolls"

© Romain Slocumbe

© Romain Slocumbe

 I made this shot of Luh in his pristine atelier.

and I'd introduce to my French photo friends like Lise Safarti.

©Lise Safarti

Lise did an entire book on Christine (above) and her two daughters

© Lise Safarti

Christine's daughter Sloane. That's a walkin bank vault behind her that she or her sister slept in. I knew that family of beautiful crazy females very well when I lived in the San Francisco bay area and I still speak with the mom.

It was grand until she told me she had to go connect up with this film director she had heard about.