Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jordan Bunniie (naked) vagabond

When she came off the Greyhound bus from Phoenix I asked if I could take her photo b4 she put on make-up. She said she didn't like to put on make-up.

I had seen her one afternoon 6 months ago while trying to find someone to photograph in Palm Springs. She's a part of the cyberspace modelling agency: modelmayhem.  She at first said she'd shoot then called back and cancelled. Paranoid, I thought it was my reputation which is spotless with some deep misundestandings. I got a model friend, Nettie, also a vagabond, to verify my seriousness. She agreed to come to Tucson. And now here she was the Greyhound.  
In short order or maybe I asked her...she was telling me about past boyfriends. A guy in Palm Springs...a guy in Dallas...and Tommy in Oakland. It took about 20 miles before I realized she was referring to the Tommy I KNEW. Fantastic photographer unable or unwilling to follow my simple guidelines to fame (not fortune).
I carved her a spot in my Arizona room and gave her my 4 ft raggy Anne doll and coffee in bed. she ain't a morning person.

She's not enthused about much...nothing really and I went to bed feeling there was nothing to shoot BUT when I woke I had a dozen ideas. I hadn't had a female guest in some time and made her bfast where I feed the birds. She wore a fab piece made by Eleanor from La Fashionista (I swapped it for a signed
Betty Page print).


I asked her why she was shaven between her legs and she smiled and said "You know why". 

I have many vintage adult magazine doubles and I began to take them apart 5 months ago and kept the staples. I had an idea of making pubic hair of the collected metal staples. One morning I set the shot up...

When Felice and I were still together in the early 2000's and living in SF we would drive to Tucson as much as we could. I made "Girlfriend As Birdfeeder" in 2004 in the backyard.

I had been feeding yellow canaries thistle for months and began to collect the seed the birds rejected
below the feeder in a bowl. I knew I wanted to make a sequel to `Girlfriend'. One morning we applied lotion to Jordan's body and I sprinkled the thistle. "Bunniie As Thistle Feeder"

same chair, different girl, different relationship, different birdseed

I wanted to show Jordan some Tucson and gave her a black Bebe dress and took her to the Cup in the Hotel Congress. She felt awkward in the dress and came with no high heels. (a girl without high heels?)

 The food was flat. She didn't like wearing dresses and I quickly got her back home.
She told me she's a Tomboy and she is.

One afternoon she disappeared with a local lawyer who hired her to model and picked her up in his Porsche and took her to a rm at Loew's Ventana Lodge but soon enough she was back in her hiddy hole 

on her phone. Always on her phone.

One morning she had a flight to Albuquerque. I drove her to the airport and she was gone.

I went and had some eggs over behind Betty Blue's Junk Shop and went on with my day as though no Bunniie had been in it.

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  1. I Love Jordan Bunniie. She's great fun to keep an eye on. Good stuff there, Eric.