Sunday, March 30, 2014

If Brandon Arnovich is the most highly evolved person I know then Steve Romanello is the nicest kindiest person I know

Steve on the left, Gibb Windahl, me

I sat with Steve last night next to his pool at a party he was throwing at his house . But it wasn't his party it was Paul and Muriel 25th anniversary party at his house. The usual suspects were there and I realized I'd missed his smile and the way he barrels from place to place. It's not that we have daughter Leahs or that I owe him for the last several weeks a hundred. He's almost my age and he has a job! He teaches post production- he wrote one of THE books on adobe photo shop. His significant other, Karen
Brannon likes me but is NOT fond of my work.
Steve also paints besides entertaining and teaching. He knows everyone the kindest nicest person.

That's Tim Fuller staring in from the right

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