Friday, April 4, 2014

Come On Out To The Old Ballgame

I sent out a massive local Tucson email saying "I don't have a life. I can play softball." Three friends showed up and one of the, Allon, I had known less than a week! I heard every excuse from "i don't play sports" I'm cl;osing my business permanently and have to get out of my space."
We four had a grand time and as I always told my girl got to have memories.
Robert Villa played outfield and violin and when up to bat...hit every note.

Bob Campbell played his daughter in New Jersey and she seemed to like what he pitched cross country.

Allon, my new friend, hit one out of the ballpark and ended up in the duck pond, almost hitting a tur-tle.

Allon lives here and there and after the game went there...without saying good-bye. Most be a Canadian thing which he is half of.

This is what my dad looked like when he played softball in East Hampton Long Island in the 1970s. Plimpton would pitch for the Writers and Larry Rivers would hit for the Painters and one time I shot a photo of Eugene McCarthy (must have been his '72 run for Presidential nomination) fielding as ball that I sold to Time magazine. 

Like my dad he and I stunk at softball but liked to play.

Allon follows the flight of my `massive' hit.

Bob Campbell so obviously on the Writer's team.

Allon and Bob warming up in the adobe dugout.

Of course Boston Tim Fuller showed up after the 7th inning, settling on dinner as his activity.


dinner at a Tri Asian restaurant btween the Sheraton and Ihop on the northside of Grant.
my Thai shrimp salad.

Between innings I prepared a butt banana creem (organic) pie but it was left uneaten.

Maybe next time I'll get nine

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