Sunday, April 13, 2014

Game Two soft ball

To get people to break away for some good old softball is almost impossible. My violinist Robert went back to preparing plants to sell for his boss instead of bringing his boss to play.  Allon, my new `travellor' friend travelled to somewhere else BUT Tim Fuller, Bob Campbell and Eric Kroll came to Ft. Lowell on this past Thursday at 5 pm and though we lost the two baseball diamonds to 6 yr olds and was fine because Tim knew a complex scoring system. ie. a ball past the picther was worth 2 points etc.
Round Robin with each person batting, pitching and fielding. I was brilliant the first round and outscored all others and then my energy disapaded and Tim and Bob battled for title. I think Tim aka Charly Hustle took home the trophy.

my teammates warming up

the opposition

pl note I live at the base of those blue Cezanne mountains

after a brief rest to check the baseball game between Boston (Tim's team) and the Yankees (Bob's team)

the serious competition began with choosing who went to bat first (not who had the bigger bat).

Tim counting his points from the batter's box

Tim counting up my points from the field

note the ball in the air. As the game moed along Bob got stronger as a pitcher, which I like. 

Tim and I had the same upbringing. We grew up competitive. I love to compete and have no problem when Tim beats the pants off me (figuratively).

Of course it doesn't hurt that he is able to play all three positions (hitting, fielding, pitching) at the same time.

NOTE: game three is April 17th. we meet in the Ft. Lowell parking lot at 5 pm. Come as you r. I have the balls, the bat and all the gloves a team will need. Email me. This is for fun and excercise. Women of all ages are welcome.


Bob lking like Bob Feller

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