Monday, April 7, 2014

"My daughter's friend is upset by a photo that is on your blog. It's of her daughter. She's in a bikini, eating a popiscle. She'd like you to take it down.

I took it down.
 Reminds me of a phone call I got twenty years ago from Ingrid Sishy, then editor of Interview magazine. Glenn O'Brien (an acquaintance) wanted to use a frontal nude photo of me and William , one of Mapplethorpe's well hung Black models, who has since died. He and I are holding hands and below our photo is written "Destroying Myths". Sishy began by saying this wasn't a racist action but the printers refused to print my photo. "Please don't think this has anything to do with racism."
I removed from my blog the photo of my friend's daughter. People are UPTIGHT in this town. I've been banned from a friend's house by his wife ( a friend of 12 years plus) because she feels I broke an unspoken rule not to photograph her daughter. (her daughter is 26 or 27 yrs old). Who needs enemies with friends like this

My first daughter Leah playing in the studio

some adults think certain images are `dirty' or perverse by association. I don't suffer frm that church of restriction or the church of right or wrong or...


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