Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Prince By Any Other Name

Charlie I have known since b4 his time. Yesterday, we visited the Central Park zoo. It hasn't changed a bit.

Only I have

I would have wanted to stay in his world- to see the world as he saw it but I had to go back to my world- subways, sirens and appointments with daughters and newly hatched daughter's of nephews and...

but b4 we (Charlie, Melanie and me) camped in Yosemite,

cooked at Mono Lake

met interesting tranny campers

visited with the very fine photographer Chrles Gatewood in San Francisco

The photo Charles Gatewood is holding is his shot of Lonnie Young crossing his downtown room with gun. Lonnie and I went to Bard College for a while. I don't think the girl did. I heard Lonnie died shortly after this photo. Sorry Lonnie.

Melanie the mom is starting a program to get her phd in philosophy. No surprise there. Here she is juggling child, modelling and photography.

(my dress)

feeding Charlie



Melanie and her son

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